Aussie model hits back over 'naked' wedding dress controversy: 'So offended'

The influencer replied to a slew of negative comments on social media.

Aussie model Ellie Gonsalves has lashed out at criticism surrounding her wedding reception dress after tying the knot with Ross Scutts. The influencer, who has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, divided fans when she showed off her extravagant OGLIA-LORO minidress on social media two weeks ago.

The strapless creation showed off her figure, with the majority of the ‘naked’ dress made from see-through tulle and strategically placed white lace. The corset-styled shape fitted her like a glove, and she wore strappy silver heels to match.

L: Aussie model Ellie Gonsalves. R: Ellie Gonsalves at her wedding reception
Aussie model Ellie Gonsalves has hit back at criticism surrounding her wedding reception dress. Photo: Instagram/ellie_gonsalves

The video of her wedding reception entrance racked up over 4.5 million views on TikTok. However, the content creator was bombarded with a slew of negative comments saying she was dressed inappropriately.

Multiple people compared her wedding dress to “lingerie”, with one even declaring it wasn’t a dress at all, saying it was simply “three pieces of tulle”.


It wasn’t long before her followers fiercely defended the bride, saying that the look was amazing.

“For those judging her dress and moral concern for what a wedding means…kick rocks. She didn’t plan your dream day, she planned hers. She looks incredible…if you think people can only be matronly during their wedding that’s [a] false narrative no one should project,” one person wrote.

“If I had that body I’d be wearing that to church so only God can judge me. Y’all play like it’s that serious,” another quipped.

“People talking about ‘there’s no intimate privacy’ like they don’t wear less at the beach or the pool. Grow up. This is her day not yours. She’s clearly rocking the style and is living her best life in that moment. Just be happy for her and move on,” a third chimed in.

On Thursday, Ellie finally decided to address some of the hate comments in a controversial manner.

After receiving criticism that said: “Why do women want to look fast & loose on their wedding day? Why show everyone what’s supposed to be his alone?”, the influencer didn’t hold back.

“The only thing that’s fast and loose was your mum’s hands when she dropped ya on your head as a child,” she fired out.


She then shared a screenshot of her comment on Instagram, and added: “What’s that phrase? If you dish it out, be prepared to take it? I can’t believe people are getting so offended by a wedding dress.”

Ellie also told others to “pipe down”, joked another person had a “boring life”, and said that her husband “loved” her outfit.

“FFs lighten up girl. It’s a dress at a wedding of someone you don’t know. Don’t like it, change the channel. Simple as that,” she said.

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