Influencer 'traumatised' after stranger peed on her at Coachella: 'So gross'

The influencer ended up 'screaming' at the man.

An influencer has shocked fans with her ‘traumatising’ experience during the first day of Coachella, a music festival held in Indio, California. Audrey Trullinger, who has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, recounted the horrific story of what happened while she was enjoying Metro Boomin’s set.

During her "get ready with me" video, she talked about the moment things all went downhill. She was having a great time near the front of the crowd, roughly 10 rows from the barricade, when she began to feel a warm liquid trickle down her leg.

Two selfies of TikToker and influencer Audrey Trullinger putting her makeup on
Influencer Audrey Trullinger has described her 'traumatic' experience at Coachella. Photo: TikTok/audreytrullinger

Determined to keep their coveted spot, the influencer and her friends had allowed a group of ‘weird’ men to stand near them. “A few guys push up right next to us and they were kind of giving weird vibes,” she says. “But I wasn’t going to move, I was there the entire time.”

“All of a sudden I feel a liquid going down my leg and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, is someone pouring their drink on me? Oh my god, it’s warm! Oh my god, I think that’s pee!’” she recalled.

“That guy f**king peed on my leg! I can’t even believe it. I wish I was kidding.”


The content creator told fans that she was in disbelief, and began screaming at the culprit.

“I’m like, crying. I’m like, what am I supposed to do? I’m at the front of this crowd, how do I get out of here?” she added.

Audrey Trullinger in a black bra and see through white top and skirt
The influencer was wearing this sheer number during the incident. Photo: Instagram/audreytrullinger

Thankfully, another festival-goer provided her with some wet wipes to try and rectify the messy situation. After sticking around for another song, the TikToker said she was too “traumatised” to continue enjoying the concert, so she went home to shower.

In a hilarious quip, she told fans that she was ‘looking forward to today’, and hoped that she wouldn’t ‘get peed on’ again.

The clip has been viewed over 370,000 times, and sadly, many fans said that her experience was not unusual.

“I got peed on during Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas during subtropics in the front where NO ONE ELSE WAS. Worst experience ever,” one person claimed.

“I’ve been peed on at a show too,” another admitted.

“This straight up happened to me at Govenors Ball Music Festival,” a third chimed in.

“I’ve actually heard this [happens] at music fests,” another remarked.


Others sympathised with Audrey and applauded her for heading back to the music festival for day two.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you! Glad you’re getting back out there,” a fan commented.

“Ok you handled that so well though, I would’ve been done for the weekend if that happened to me,” another added.

“Ain’t no fkn way?! That is so gross!” a third wrote.

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