Influencer who married stepson shares first photos of their daughter

A Russian influencer who went viral last year for marrying her stepson has now shared the first images of the couple's newborn baby girl.

Marina Balmasheva, 36, lived with her husband Alexey, 45, for over 10 years before they got divorced and she began dating his 21-year-old son Vladimir ‘Voya’ Shavyrin.

Marina and Vladimir with baby girl
Marina and Vladimir welcomed their baby girl in January. Photo: Newsflash/Australscope

Marina married Vladimir last summer and the pair announced in July last year they were expecting their first child together.

They gave birth to a daughter in Janurary, who they have called Olga Vladimirovna, with Marina now sharing the first photos and videos of Olga and their happy family to her half a million Instagram followers.


Both Marina and Vladimir have said they are not speaking to her ex-husband and his father.

“I think he does not like what we have done," she told Newsflash.

infuencer marina photos daughter with stepson
Marina has shared the first photos of daughter Olga online. Photo: Newsflash/Australscope

Before Marina and her ex-husband broke up, the couple adopted four children. All the other kids are currently living with her ex Alexey after a court deprived Marina of her parental rights for them, according to the Russian newspaper Vesti.

The pair’s relationship was first plunged into the limelight when a throwback snap shared by Marina of herself at 22-year-old posing with the then-7-year-old Vladimir went viral.

She said at the time: “You never know how life will turn out and when you will meet a person who makes you smile. I know that some will judge us, others will support us, but we are happy and wish you to be as well.”

The revelation of the pair’s origins initially sparked heated backlash online as many labelled the situation laid bare by the photo seriously problematic.

Many people said it was immoral to start a relationship with the child that she had helped to raise, and also made other negative comments.

“What shocks me most is that this boy grew up before her very eyes,” one person commented.

“This is a prank right? You are teasing?” another asked.

Others made crude comments about her ditching an older man for a younger model.

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