Horrible online dating texts exposed in shocking TikTok trend

We all know dating in the modern world can feel a little like balancing a bucket of water on your head while traversing an unmarked minefield and simultaneously scrolling through your ex's Instagram feed trying not to like a picture from four years ago – dicey.

Miscommunication may be a key factor letting down lonely hearts, but unsubtle, rude or simply unbelievable communication via text message also plays a big role as it turns out.

Online dating
Online dating it a notorious minefield, but these text messages prove its worse than we thought. Photo: Getty Images

In a new TikTok trend women are revealing the appalling things online matches or dates have sent them via message and hold on tight to your pearl necklaces because it's worse than you could imagine.

In the new video trend, single ladies appear in green screen over truly appalling text messages they have received.


The trend uses the first lines of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘All I Want’ song, with the lyrics 'I found a guy told me I was a star' used to juxtapose the almost hilariously bad things that have been sent to them.

One of the most famous of the videos was shared by 'Iamnotnice69' and shows what seems to be an ex-lover hitting her up when she returns to LA.

The woman hits back that she needs to 'consult her self worth' to which the ex replies 'didn't know she existed'.

The videos are best known for showing off the recipients sense of humour, most of the women appearing over the screen to laugh and point at the ludicrous messages, and some of the best have to be seen to be believed.

The worst messages on TikTok

Image of girl in front of Bumble text wiping crumb from screen
Photo: TikTok

One highlight of the trend was the very honest Tinder match who told one girl: "TBH you're a pretty gal but I didn't mean to swipe on ya I was trying to get a chip crumb off my screen."

Another was given the most backhand of all backhanded compliments.

Mean text message I was a star TikTok trend
Photo: TikTok

"I find you less annoying lately lol and I'm sure I've said I didn't wanna F*** you lol," the confusing text reads, before clarifying: "I definitely do now."

Other standouts included this plain rude commentary on someone's weight.

TikTok image of woman pretending to laugh at mean weight comment
Photo: TikTok

"You're adorable and you have such a sweet personality," the snap chat message begins. "But your bodies [sic] like a 6 so sorry I'm done talking to you. Lose some weight and let me know."

The attractiveness commentary was a popular one for the blokes, another who decided to zip into one woman's Snapchat with a sweet message of support.

Man tells woman she is ugly in viral TikTok trend I was a star
Photo: TikTok

"Too bad these men don't know what you look like," he wrote to the woman.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she queried.

"Ur ugly," he responded.

Perhaps the worst of all was the dude who tried to shoot his shot, not with the girl her originally messaged, but with her little sister.

Man asks for sisters Snapchat viral TikTok I was a star trend
Photo: TikTok

"Whose that gal on your Insta?" the text exchange begins.

"My younger sister. Why?" the woman responds.

"How old is she?" the prospective date asks.

"17???" the incredulous woman answers.

Another woman had a Bumble match get very candid in a self-assessment.

Man says he is out of woman league on Bumble, I was a star TikTok trend
Photo: TikTok

"How would you describe yourself in five words?" the woman asked.

"Way out of your league," was the unbelievable response.

"Wow okay then," was all she, and probably any of us, could manage in reply.

Finally, the message to end all messages was the classic misstep of sending it to the wrong person.

Wrong text message misogynistic to boys after sex TikToK I was a star trend
Photo: TikTok

A couple exchanged texts after what seemed like an amorous experience together, only for the man to accidentally send a text clearly meant for his buddies which was very telling of his true nature.

"I had fun tonight," the woman wrote.

"Yea same," the man responded, with a couple of love hearts for good measure.

Just moments later he followed up the sweet message with the following: "'ight boys who wants her next lmaooooo."

To her credit, the woman kept it cool as a cucumber, clearly happy to have dodged that misogynistic bullet.

"lol good luck bro," she wrote.

The trend first started when a seemingly happy couple uploaded a sappy TikTok celebrating their relationship using the same song.

Keen listeners, however, noticed the song itself is not about the perfect boyfriend, rather it's about a deceptive lover who is not as he seems.

The lyrics go: “I found a guy, told me I was a star. He held the door, held my hand in the dark. And he’s perfect on paper… but he’s lying to my face. Does he think that I’m the kinda girl who needs to be saved?”

Of course, the cynical singles of TikTok were quick to repurpose the song for its true meaning, and after looking through some of these true shockers, can you blame them?

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