Influencer caught faking business class trip: 'This generation is a mess'

A French influencer has been called out for faking a business class flight on social media when she actually flew economy.

Océane El Himer, who has 849k followers on Instagram, was caught in a lie after a fan tweeted a photo of her on the plane.

French Océane El Himer poses in front of a business class seat.
Océane posed in front of a business class seat wearing a green and purple Boohoo tracksuit. Photo: Instagram/oceanelhimer

The 27-year-old originally shared a photo of herself on an expensive flight from Dubai to Monaco, posing in front of a business class seat.

‘Next stop - Monaco. Je fly toute la night,’ she captioned the post, which translates from French to ‘I fly all night’.

It wasn’t long until Océane was snapped wearing the same green and purple outfit on an economy flight in a now viral tweet.

Translated from French, the post reads: “Mdr Océane who is kind of traveling in business class while traveling in ECO. The worst part is that she took the time to take a picture of herself in BUSINESS just to be that girl on Insta.”

While Océane has suspended comments on her own Instagram post, a different tweet about the incident has gained over 20k retweets and 136k likes.

“This is why this generation is a mess,” one user tweeted.

Another wrote: “I wanna know who is walking around a plane before take off like they own the place? Don’t you just sit down as quick as possible?”


Others have said they don’t find an issue with the post because “the internet is not real life”.

“I actually applaud this,” one person tweeted. “She’s posting what she knows will do well and ultimately get her paid while also saving money by buying the cheaper seat as opposed to an unnecessary luxury.”

Another added: “The person who exposed her should get a life”.

Océane El Himer came to fame after competing on a French reality show that pit her against her twin sister to fight for a man’s heart.

She regularly posts travel and fashion content for her followers on Instagram.

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