Influencer called out over X-rated detail in video: 'So what?'

An influencer got more than they bargained for when reaching out to their fans for some sympathy and kind words on an Instagram Live.

Kate Merlan, from Germany, was telling her 70k+ followers about her cold and how it made it difficult to wear a face mask when several spotted a rather X-rated detail in the background.

German influencer Kate Merlan wearing a red sweater during an Instagram Live
Can you see it? Kate Merlan's sex toys were left on display. Photo: Newsflash/Australscope.

The reality TV star/tattoo model had left her various sex toys on display in her room, with the pink and blue gadgets clearly visible over her shoulder.

Needless to say, the 34-year-old's fans found it difficult to pay attention to her chat about her illness and advertise some cosmetics.

Some defended Kate's raunchy blunder, with one writing on Facebook: "So what? It's not a crime today if she enjoys it... The most important thing is to have enough batteries."


Others were skeptical if the sex toy sighting was an honest mistake or a ploy to stir up chatter online.

"This is not a mistake, now she's back in the game," another wrote on Facebook.

German influencer Kate Merlan wears a pink bikini while taking a selfie
Fans have spotted an X-rated detail during an influencer's Instagram Live video. Photo: Newsflash/Australscope.

For her part, Kate doesn't appear to have made any comments regarding the incident.

Along with building her Instagram presence, Kate has also appeared on several German reality shows in the past including the debut season of Get the F*ck out of My House in 2018.

The following year, she was joined by her ex-boyfriend, boy band singer Benjamin Boyce, on Battle of the Celebrity Couples: Summer House of the Stars, and in 2020 she took part in Battle of the Reality Stars: Shipwreck on a Dream Beach.

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