Bride labelled 'crazy' after faking wedding to get back at her ex

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A bride on TikTok has been labelled as "crazy" after revealing she faked a wedding in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

"Remembering the time when I faked getting married and had a photoshoot to get revenge on my ex," Sarah Vilard wrote on the video before showing photos of the shoot she organised.

A TikTok user Sarah Vilard revealing she faked a wedding
A TikTok user has been labelled as 'crazy' after revealing she faked a wedding to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Photo: TikTok/sarahvilard

In the video, Sarah is seen with full hair and makeup wearing a wedding dress as she poses with a male friend who's wearing a tuxedo.


In one photo she even poses with a friend, who has also had her hair and makeup done for the occasion to look like a bridesmaid.

"This level of dedication is either completely psychotic or absolutely genius," one viewer wrote.

"These TikToks always make me feel normal," another joked.

"Girl you lost your mind... I like it," someone else added.

"OK, this is the craziest one," another wrote.

"You've unlocked a new level of petty. Congrats," one user said.

sarah vilard faked wedding photoshoot
Sarah bought a wedding dress and got her hair and makeup done for the photoshoot. Photo: TikTok/sarahvilard
TikTok sarah vilard fake wedding
Sarah enlisted a friend to pose as her new 'husband'. Photo: TikTok/sarahvilard

Sarah shared an update with messages she received from her ex-boyfriend, who questioned whether she had been cheating on him during their relationship.

"With me, you always needed time to get ENGAGED but marry him 3 months later?" he questioned.

"Yeah, for a good reason. I wanna be loyal and not text you, thank you have a good life," she responded.

"[You're] making everyone think you [were] cheating," he told her, before asking when she met her 'husband'.

"Met him right after we broke up," she said, to which he responded, "Right after we broke up? Was he waiting for us to break up or [something]? That must be pure coincidence."

Viewers laughed at how Sarah had pretended she wanted to "be loyal" to her new husband, with one user writing, "Girl you stayed in character!"

"This is exactly the reaction I would want omg," another said.

Sarah's ex quickly got in touch after fake wedding
The photoshoot did the trick, because Sarah's ex quickly got in touch demanding to know what was going on. Photo: TikTok/sarahvilard

"LMAO, you definitely won that war. Good job Queen, he was HEATED," someone else wrote.

"The way he fell for it... Chef's kiss," another wrote.

"I admire your commitment the whole way through," someone else said.

Others questioned how she'd explained the 'wedding' to those who saw also saw the post on her Instagram account, however, she has yet to respond.

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