Flight attendant reveals X-rated flying secrets

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After working as a flight attendant for almost two decades, Saskia Swann is sharing everything in a new tell-all book.

Saskia, which is not her real name, started working on private jets after six years working on commercial airlines.

Stewardess on the airfield.
Saskia Swann has been a flight attendant since she was 23 years old. (Stock image) Photo: Getty

In her wide career, the 45-year-old has served a number of high-profile celebrities, politicians and princes.

“There was a British Prime Minister who always liked me to serve him champagne for breakfast,” she says, according to The Sun.

“And I witnessed a Hollywood star remove a wrap of cocaine from his waistband before heading to his private room.”


The book, titled Above And Beyond: Secrets of a Private Flight Attendant, also details the moment she walked in on a notable passenger joining the mile-high club.

Saskia explains that she discovered the man having sex with a famous dancer in his cabin when she went to serve breakfast.  

“All I could see were his feet poking out beneath the duvet. I couldn’t see his face, only her bare back. She was kneeling astride him, groaning.”

“It wasn’t the moment to ask, ‘Would you care for the full English?’”

Private jet
The book reveals some of Sarah's most memorable work moments. Photo: Getty

Saskia was also a stewardess for an insulting ‘British pop legend’ when he toured Europe.

While attendants are normally tipped around $1,800 (£1,000) per flight, the UK star gave their captain a crumpled $18 (£10) note and said: “Treat your crew to drinks on me.”

Her first job was working for a Russian billionaire who offered a salary of $73,000 (£40,000)

She was also given a company credit card, free first-class flights for when she flew commercial, and a new wardrobe of clothes from Harrods.

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