Imogen Anthony appears to take swipe at ex Kyle Sandilands: ‘No offence’

Imogen Anthony has seemingly taken a dig at her ex-boyfriend of eight years, radio star Kyle Sandilands, and the other women who have dated him.

While responding to a fan’s comment about her self-worth, the model took to Instagram on Monday to say that she’s not just another ‘b***h’ that the shock jock has slept with.

Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony.
Imogen Anthony appears to have taken a swipe at her ex-boyfriend, Kyle Sandilands, on social media. Photo: Getty

“Are you saying I don’t have respect for myself because I posted this?” Imogen replied to a comment left on a recent mirror selfie.

“You really haven’t been following me for very long. I walked a catwalk, naked, to show women that you didn’t need to base your worth on others’ opinions of you.

“THAT’S how I made it on to Big Brother,” she added. “Not just being with Kyle, or every b***h he had stuck himself in would be on that show. It's because my value doesn't form around your opinion. No offence, but if you're gonna be a fan, be a real fan and do your research, please.


Imogen then shared a screenshot of the exchange to her Instagram Story alongside the caption: “Are we doing this almost ten years later? Backhanded compliments, f**k me”.

Following this, she posted a sarcastic video talking about how supportive people are of each other during the festive season and joked that she’s posted far more extreme photos of herself in the past.

“These people coming in like ten years later with their two cents on some sh*t that they don’t even…” she laughed. “Like, you’re getting 30-year-old Imogen. You don’t even know.

“You think chucking a leg spread in a mirror in a corset f**king teddy thing is the worst thing I’ve ever posted? Please, prevail.”

Imogen Anthony's mirror selfie and her Instagram comment.
Imogen told a follower that she’s not just another ‘b***h’ that Kyle has slept with. Photos: Instagram/imogen_anthony

Imogen’s comments come shortly after she opened up about her and Kyle’s 2019 break-up on Big Brother VIP last month.

“He was just working so much,” she told her fellow housemate Jessika Power when asked why their relationship had ended.

“It was just work, work, work, and I wanted to have kids. We just kind of grew apart,” she added. “I just didn't expect everything to happen the way it did afterwards. And he's confused, and he doesn't know what he wants.

She also admitted that she tried to make things work between them because of the fact that they had been together for so long, but it soon became “undeniable” that they had to go their separate ways.

Since their split, Imogen has been in a relationship with a mystery man for over a year and is yet to reveal his name or face, while Kyle started dating his former personal assistant, Tegan Kynaston, in late 2019.

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