I'm A Celeb's Brittany Hockley shares 'near-death' experience

She survived the jungle but something else nearly took Life Uncut's Brittany out...

I'm A Celeb's Brittany Hockley has shared a terrifying story about a "near-death" experience, and if you've ever been a sauna lover, there's a chance you'll highly relate to the stomach-clenching events Brittany had to endure.

Despite saunas getting rave reviews for the health benefits a steamy sesh can provide — from easing pain and sore muscles, to reducing stress, to improving cardiovascular health — there's also a strong chance that if you've ever entered a sauna, you also have one tiny, irrational, intrusive thought pop into your mind every time: "God, I hope I don't get trapped in here."

Now Brittany Hockley has shared an ordeal about getting trapped in a sauna on podcast Life Uncut, and it's basically everyone's worst nightmare.

Saying she ducked over to the sauna on a rainy weekend, Brittany detailed how she was in the sauna with another person.

Brittany Hockley on Life Uncut
Brittany Hockley has shared a terrifying sauna experience. Photo: Instagram.com


"What happens is people max out their sauna time and then they go into an ice bath," Brittany explained. "And I've been trying to work up my sauna time, and I was at my absolute limit, and the guy had gotten out and into the ice bath a minute before I wanted to get out.

Brittany then said there had been a lid on the bath that he took off and wedged to the side, only for it to get stuck in the sauna door.

Brittany Hockley
Brittany survived the jungle only to nearly be trapped in a sauna. Photo: Instagram

Brittany said she started to beat her hands against the sauna door but the guy had put his headphones in to meditate in the ice bath.

"So I was like, people max out after a couple of minutes in the ice bath... anyway, old mate f***ing ice man, he's like, I'm going to go for 15 minutes," Brittany said. "So 15 minutes, smashing, he opens his eyes, I don't know what he saw, he must've looked in and I'm like melting down a screen, I was like 'Help me!'"

Obviously all's well that ends well, and Britt is still with us to this day, but people in the comments shared their own horror (and one very good idea).

"My worst nightmare. Saunas should be required to have internal emergency off buttons," one smart person said. "Oh lord. I would have had a panic attack for sure!" another said.


"This would be my nightmare too! I’ve only been in a sauna once while I was in Budapest and I didn’t like it at all. Being heated to death like that would be horrible," another person said. "Hyperventilating listening to this story this morning!" someone else commented (same, sis).

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