Grant Denyer's startling Sunrise confession after breakdown

Grant Denyer is set to leave fans gobsmacked in a startling admission which will air on this evening’s episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

In a clip of the upcoming episode, Denyer admits he struggled with alcohol abuse for years, and even presented while ‘still drunk’ on Sunrise.

Grant Denyer I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here motorcross break down
Grant Denyer admits to being drunk on Sunrise on I'm a Celeb. Photo: Ten

“I don’t like my relationship with alcohol,” the presenter says in the clip. “When I was doing Sunrise weather for years, the amount of times I was probably still drunk on air in the morning was too many.”

Grant, who has previously opened up about his struggles with pain killer addiction, presented weather for Sunrise between 2004 and 2006 and later between 2010 and 2013.

He said he came to realise he drank to overcome anxiety while he was preparing for his current role on I’m a Celeb, and even confessed he believes ‘has a problem’.

“I have been asking myself this question for, far out, five years?” he told his fellow celebrities. “‘Do I have a problem?’ And I think the answer is, ‘I do!’”

Grant opened up about his time on Sunrise while drinking too much. Photo: Seven
Grant opened up about his time on Sunrise while drinking too much. Photo: Seven

Grant’s car crash breakdown

It comes after Grant left fans devastated when he broke down in tears while discussing quitting motorsports after a harrowing accident, and the death of an icon on Monday evening.

The TV host is a well-known lover of motorsports and has competed professionally in rally racing, though as he revealed last night he left the sport behind after an accident left him hospitalised and he realised the risk was too great for his family.

At camp with his fellow celebs, Grant recounted the moment he crashed into a tree at 165km an hour, while competing in the Lake Mountain sprint in the 2017 Australian Rally Championships.

He was left with a broken coccyx but revealed during the crash he thought he was a ‘goner’.

“I thought that was it,” he told the aghast contestants.

He also spoke about competing in the same rally that Aussie icon Peter Brock was killed in after he also crashed into a tree at speed, just two cars ahead of Grant.

Grant Denyer cries I'm a Celeb Peter Brock motorcross sport
Grant was left in tears discussing his decision to step away from the sport after the death of Peter Brock. Photo: Ten

“Seeing his car crashed up against the tree and the man, Peter Brock dead inside is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” he admitted.

Fighting back tears, he revealed he had decided to quit the sport out of concern for his loved ones.


“I put a lot of chips in the motorsport basket, and I'm prepared to take those risks but I don't want to hurt the people that are around me – family and friends and then you’ve got kids,” he said.

Grant Denyer, Chezzy Denyer and kids I'm a Celeb break down
Grant says concern for his family and loved ones motivated his difficult decision. Photo: Ten

Grant is married to Chezzy Denyer and the pair are expecting their third child.

Online, fans were left heartbroken at the emotional display.

“I can’t deal with Grant crying!” one wrote. “My heart!!”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Someone give Grant a massive hug please...” another beseeched.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Poor Grant,” another wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Grant, who has been plagued with health issues and faced more than one dicey moment like the car crash, has been a fan favourite so far on the program, which premiered on Sunday evening.

The show has also had its fair share of light moments, not least a very interesting discussion between Grant, Ash Williams, Abbie Chatfield and Jack Vidgen in which Ash admitted to a side hustle selling feet photos online.

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