IKEA launches pink version of iconic FRAKTA shopping bag

IKEA Australia is mixing things up and introducing a new version of its iconic blue shopping bag in a few select stores from November.

The FRAKTA bag will now come in a bright pink version, as part of a wider collaboration with designer Zandra Rhodes.

ikea pink FRAKTA bag
IKEA is releasing a new pink version of the blue FRAKTA bag. Photo: Supplied/IKEA Australia

This isn't the first time that the FRAKTA bag has gotten a makeover, with French retailer Colette creating an all-white version in 2017 with the brand's signature blue dots logo on one side and more blue polka dots on the other.


Danish design brand HAY also reimagined the bag previously, choosing in a muted white-and-forest green colour scheme, and swapped the plastic polypropylene with a woven fabric.

Even Balenciaga once created a £1,705 ($3200AUD) version of the 50ct tote.

IKEA blue bag
IKEA started charging customers 59 cents for the bags in 2007 but they have since become a fashion statement. Photo: Getty

But Australia's latest version is part of the KARISMATISK collection, which will be will be available at IKEA Richmond, Rhodes, Logan and online from November.

The collection is all about bold patterns and vivid colours and includes 26 statement-making pieces, from cushions, rugs and other home decor.

"It’s the sort of collection that people can just take one piece of and it can lighten up their lives or they can take several pieces," Zandra Rhodes said of the launch.

The FRAKTA – which means "carry" in Swedish – was originally designed by two of the company's longest-standing employees, siblings Marianne and Knut Hagberg.

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