'Genius' IKEA bag hack completely slashes packing time

It’s not often a hack comes by our desk that blows us away, but after moving house recently, this one really impressed me.

Reposted to an IKEA hacks Facebook group from the group Grown and Flown, the hack shows how people can completely cut out having to spend time clearing out their wardrobe during a move.

Using an IKEA storage bag to pack up a wardrobe
This IKEA hack has gone viral online. Photo: Facebook/Grown and Flown

Instead of taking each piece of clothing off the hanger and packing it away in a bag, the hack shows how a simple IKEA storage bag can make all the difference.

In the picture, the person simply takes the $4.99 Frakta 20 gallon bag, puts it around the clothes and zips it up, right up to the top of the hangers.


Then, all they have to do is take the hangers off the rail, place them in the car and rehang them back up in their new house, without any stress of fuss.

IKEA zip up storage bag
The IKEA storage bags cost $4.99 online. Photo: IKEA

People have been fawning over the hack online, with many calling it ‘“genius” and others wishing they’d seen it sooner.

“IKEA bags are the best! We found out about them 2 years ago when my oldest son started college,” one person wrote.

“These bags are amazing. We also use the clear ikea bags too for all the bedding,” another person wrote.

“We used 4 ikea bags to move my son's clothes and bedding into his dorm!!!!! Best idea ever,” a fan of the bag hack wrote.

Many other people said a garment bag would also do the trick, with one person saying she used her wedding dress garment bag but it was quite big.

Others said they use garbage bags for the same hack and they can be reused again and again.

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