How much this year's MAFS cast are now making on Instagram

EXCLUSIVE: A number of cast members can earn big on social media.

It’s been two weeks since this year’s Married At First Sight cast regained access to their Instagram accounts and became overnight influencers.

Having reached audiences in both Australia and the UK, several brides and grooms have gained enough followers to make thousands of dollars per post.

MAFS' Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton / Layton Mills and Melinda Willis.
A number of this year’s Married At First Sight cast members have finished the show with large following counts. Photos: Instagram/itstahnee / melindarichelle

Yahoo Lifestyle can now reveal how much money each cast member could charge per Instagram post, calculated by social media analytics website Influencer Marketing Hub.

While Melinda Willis joined MAFS with an already impressive follower count thanks to her many beauty businesses, she is currently the most popular cast member with an impressive 557,000 followers.

This means that the 32-year-old, who was one of the few people this season to find love with their match, can charge a minimum of $2700 to any brands wanting to collaborate.


The second most followed participant is Evelyn Ellis, who entered the experiment halfway through as an intruder bride.

The 26-year-old model and former Big Brother UK finalist can now charge $1950 per sponsored post to her newfound 403,000 fans.

Meanwhile, Evelyn's boyfriend Duncan James is the third most followed season 10 star and can invoice companies $1550 for a single post to his 317,000 fans.

Successful couple Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton could also charge around $2000 per post to their shared audience of 400,000 followers.

MAFS' Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis.
Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James have a combined following of 712,000. Photo: Instagram/evelyn.ellis

Unfortunately, a handful of cast members have failed to attract much of a fanbase and are currently sitting at less than 100,000 followers each – either because they appeared on the show for a shorter amount of time or they had a controversial ‘edit’.


This means they are less likely to attract as many brand deals as their co-stars.

The least followed cast members are Harrison Boon (74,000), Cam Woods (64,000), Josh White (60,000), Dan Hunjas (42,000), Melissa Sheppard (39,000), Adam Seed (39,000), Hugo Armstrong (29,000), and Shannon Adams (20,000).

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