Home and Away's Steve Peacocke reveals wild fan moment: 'Not real'

Summer Bay's Steve Peacocke and Lincoln Younes reunited for a hilarious chat.

Former Home and Away stars Steve Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton) and Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton) have reunited to promote Lincoln’s latest role as John Ibrahim in Last King of the Cross. The pair played brothers in Summer Bay from 2011 to 2014, alongside Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton).

The trio are considered some of the most popular characters ever, with viewers constantly calling for the River Boys to return. In the chat between Steve and Lincoln, the pair spilled secrets about themselves while having a laugh at each other's expense.

L: Home and Away star Steve Peacoke. R: Steve Peacocke and Lincoln Younes on Home and Away
Former Home and Away stars Steve Peacocke and Lincoln Younes had an onscreen reunion. Photo: Paramount+ & Seven

After Lincoln asked Steve what his most ‘memorable fan moment’ was, the actor revealed that viewers were fascinated by his fake ‘BLOOD AND SAND’ tattoo he wore across his chest while on the soap.

“You know what Linc, it was in Glebe,” the actor began. “We used to have tattoos sprayed on us on [Home and Away].”

He explained that he was simply having a cup of coffee when a woman came up to him and yanked his shirt collar down, so she could see his chest.

“Just walked up and said, ‘Ah, they’re not real’, and just walked away,” he said, leaving Lincoln in stitches.


Former Summer Bay co-stars and fans couldn’t get enough of the video, with Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith), Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) and Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers) all liking the video on Instagram.

“Omg I love this,” Samara Weaving, who played Indi Walker wrote.

“I could cry from sheer nostalgic happiness right now,” a fan gushed.

“Bros for ife! Delighted to see Brax and Casey united in happier circumstances,” another added.

Home and Away has never been the same without you brothers, so good to see you both together again,” a third chimed in.

The pair also discussed what their ‘guilty pleasures’ were, with Steve admitting he loves snacking on Coco Pops or a kebab late at night.

“Steve, I wanna know your kebab order,” Lincoln asked. “I can’t quite remember what you used to order."

“Well, my order was always dictated by what would taste best coming back up,” Steve quipped, resulting in Lincoln covering his face with his hands.

Lincoln Younes in Last King of the Cross by a fire
Lincoln had an awkward experience while filming a nude scene. Photo: Paramount+

Lincoln’s awkward nude moment

This comes after Lincoln opened up about his ‘uncomfortable’ experience during his Last King of the Cross nude scene.

During filming, the television crew were averting their eyes as the star stripped in a backyard, but there was one gaze he couldn’t shake. In an awkward moment, a neighbour spotted the scene over his fence and was shocked by Lincoln’s nude form.


“I’m facing the fire and the camera, behind the camera is a fence. And this neighbour walked out midway through the take and just stared at me while I was naked burning clothes,” he laughed. “And I stared [back] at him. That went on for way too long.”

The Grand Hotel star added that this particular nude scene happened near the start of filming, so it was a strange moment to share with the cast and crew, who were practically strangers at that time.

“That was quite hilarious…the cast and crew got to know me very intimately, very quickly,” he joked.

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