Home and Away star’s sweet reaction to Logies nomination: ‘Crazy’

Home and Away star Matt Evans is nominated for Best New Talent at the 2022 TV WEEK Logies, just one year after his character Theo Poulos first appeared on our screens.

The young actor chatted with Yahoo Lifestyle this week, explaining how he found out about his Logies nomination and admitting he was ‘freaked’ out when he first started working on the show.

Left: Matt Evans on Home and Away as Theo Poulos at the garage. Right: James Stewart, Georgie Parker and Matt Evans take a selfie on Palm Beach.
Home and Away star Matt Evans is nominated for Best New Talent at the 2022 TV WEEK Logie Awards. Photo: Seven & Instagram/mattevansmusic

‘Super grateful’

Matt remembers the moment he found out he was nominated for a Logie, saying that he definitely didn’t expect to be a contender.

“I was having a coffee on my balcony and Sophie Dillman texted me saying congratulations. I had no idea what she was talking about,” he recalls.

After realising The Logies nominations were being announced that weekend, he quickly called his family to share the good news.

“I called my parents, it was really exciting. It was something that I didn’t see coming at all and I was so shocked by it,” he continues. “It’s been quite crazy, a bit of a roller coaster, but I’m just super grateful.”


The singer really wanted to invite his mum to the ceremony, since she’s one of his biggest supporters but cast members aren't able to take a plus one.

Previous nominees of the Best New Talent award include Simon Baker, Georgie Parker, and Isla Fisher, with the star humbled to be on the same path.

“So many talented people have been in this category…there’s been lots of people that have come through and done lots of exciting things after this,” the actor mentions.

“I think the younger me a few years ago, driving that forklift, would be pretty happy with what he’s done,” he adds.

Left: Matt Evans and Ada Nicodemou take a photo together on the Home and Away set. Right: Matt Evans and James Stewart pose on Palm Beach.
Home and Away star Matt Evans considers his onscreen family his mentors. Photo: Instagram/adanicodemou & mattevansmusic

Red carpet ready

There’s lots of excitement around what the Home and Away stars will wear on the red carpet, and this will be Matt’s first time attending. While he doesn’t want to give too much away, he does describe his outfit as “very, very white.”

The Logies is known for the interesting, outrageous and gorgeous red carpet looks, with past Home and Away stars not shying away from bold colours.

Matt admits he’s not completely prepared to receive the award on the night, as he doesn’t have a speech and isn’t sure what he’ll say if he wins.

“Lets just hope that if that moment happens, that it will all come together, and I don’t drop the Logie and stumble over the table,” he jokes, before adding he’s most worried about saying “the wrong thing” on stage.

‘Freaked out a little bit’

The Australian drama is known for creating Hollywood stars like Samara Weaving and Chris Hemsworth, because the show is the perfect place for young actors to learn their craft. While Matt had been on Australian screens before while competing on The Voice, this is his first real acting role.

He confesses that his first day was quite overwhelming, and he did ‘freak out a little bit’, because everything was completely new to him.

“You have a mark on the floor, and I didn’t even know what a ‘wide shot’ or ‘close up’ was, I didn’t know any of that talk,” he remembers.

“I was focused on so many things, and I was trying to come across as natural and it was just a lot to take in…I freaked out a little bit, but luckily I had James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou who helped me through that moment,” he says.

His onscreen aunt Leah Patterson is played by Ada, who says the ‘experienced’ cast members often take young actors ‘under their wing’.

“Matt’s such a lovely guy, so Jimmy and I just like to hang out with him, we like to work with him. And if he’s got any questions, obviously we answer them,” the actress says.

The biggest hint that Matt can give about his character Theo is that there’s plenty of music in his future storylines. He has been open about how important music is to him, with it being his ‘first love’ before he discovered acting.

“At the moment I’m really happy because I’m getting to do both, I’m getting to act and do some singing on the show, so that’s great,” he teases.

When asked if there’s anything he wants to add, he doesn’t hesitate to say: “Vote for Home and Away at the Logies for Best Drama! We all work so hard.”

Voting for the 2022 TV WEEK Logie Awards is now open, and fans can vote until the red carpet ends on Sunday, June 19.

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