Home and Away spoilers: Accident at Felicity's hen's sparks anger

Last week on Home and Away, the charity golf tournament exposed Justin Morgan (James Stewart) as a cheater and Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) is anxiously awaiting her abusive husband’s return.

This week, there’s an accident at Felicity Newman’s (Jacqui Purvis) hen's party, Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) steps up, and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) is heartbroken by the charity results.

L: Mackenzie, Felicity and Eden head down some stairs on Home and Away. R: Felicity looks shocked
This week on Home and Away, an accident at Felicity's hen's party leaves Cash livid. Photo: Seven

Felicity’s best friend Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) has gone all out for Flick’s hen's party and hired a karaoke bus for the night.

However, Felicity has other plans for the night — she is determined to play matchmaker between Eden and her brother, Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright). When Cash refuses to ditch Tane Parata's (Ethan Browne) buck's night, the bride-to-be decides to crash their party instead.


Eden clearly has feelings for Cash, and she turns to alcohol to ease the pain of being forced to interact all night.

Unfortunately, things take a turn when she falls off the nightclub stage and hits her head. Felicity watches as her brother takes care of Eden and escorts her home.

Eden talks to Cash at the bar
Eden isn't thrilled to spend time with Cash at the club. Photo: Seven

Jacqui tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Felicity desperately wants her brother to realise he has feelings for Eden.

“Flick is super excited about this turn of events. She thinks that Cash will now race to her rescue and be her knight in shining armour. Eden will realise this, and they will live happily ever after,” she explains.

While she is feeling smug about her cunning plan, her brother finds her the next day and tells her off for playing with people’s feelings.

“Cash definitely gives Flick a moment to pause. I don’t think she really contemplates the harm she causes until Cash goes off at her. And I think it’s well deserved.

“She then feels a little guilty for putting Eden through pain…but she just wants them to be happy!”

Nikau pours beer into a high heel at the nightclub for Tane
Nikau makes Tane do a shoey using one of Felicity's high heels. Photo: Seven

Nikau’s ‘powerful’ speech

Nikau has been fretting about making sure Tane’s wedding celebrations go perfectly, and he’s gone all out for the buck’s night.

The Summer Bay residents party at the nightclub in a special VIP section, and Nikau has a few surprises up his sleeves.


After making Tane do a shoey from one of Felicity’s high heels, he gives an impromptu best-man speech. Mentioning that both Ari and Mikaere Parata will be missing from the wedding, he tells Tane that his brothers would be so proud of how far he’s come.

Jacqui says that Felicity feels extremely ‘grateful’ at this moment, and adds: “Nik’s speech is so powerful, as it’s the first time she truly feels a part of the family and realises how everyone in the Parata family is really welcoming her with open arms.”

Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers on Home and Away
Marilyn is still reeling from her experience with Heather. Photo: Seven

Marilyn feels like a failure

When Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) announces that the charity golf tournament raised a whopping $35,000, everybody is over the moon.

There’s just one problem: Marilyn is distraught that they are $5,000 short of their goal. Roo tries to console her friend, saying that it’s still a great effort for charity but she refuses to listen.

When Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) tries to smooth everything over, the bubbly blonde reveals why she feels so bad.

Still reeling from abandoning her daughter Heather (Sofia Nolan), she explains that she feels like she failed, just like she failed Heather.

Will Marilyn ever be able to get over the guilt?

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