Home and Away spoiler: Felicity's shock decision revealed

Felicity was adamant she never wanted kids, but something may have changed...

Felicity Newman and Tane Parata are one of Summer Bay's strongest couples, but their union has often been marred by mismatched desires.

The two have been embroiled in many dramas in classic Home and Away form — including a devastating car crash on their wedding day — but they have also never seen eye-to-eye on the concept of marriage and kids.

While Tane is desperate to have a family with Felicity, she's been adamant she's never wanted kids — telling Tane before and after their wedding that she wouldn't change her mind.

And although Tane said she was more than enough for him, lately he and his huge muscles have been brooding by the beach as he contemplates life not being a father.

Ethan Brown as Tane on Home and Away
"If only I was a seahorse," Tane is probably thinking. Photo: Seven

Felicity's change of heart

Actor, Ethan Browne, who plays Tane opened up to TV Week about the latest storyline where Tane pushes the kids thing again after a trip to New Zealand made him realise once again how important family is.

"Their conversation doesn't really go as well as expected," Ethan told TV Week. "Tane is all for it, and Felicity is hesitant [to have kids]."


But it's also now being reported that Felicity, played by Jacqui Purvis, is set to have a change of heart after seeing how much it means to Tane.

"Felicity giving the green light to start a family is everything he could have asked for," Ethan said. "He's just over the moon."

Cue Taylor Swift's 'Exile'. Because I think I've seen this film before...

Home and Away's Felicity and Tane played by Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis
Home and Away's Felicity and Tane. Photo: Seven

Much like the decision to get married, it could be assumed that it won't be smooth sailing for Tane and Felicity's family dynamic, given Felicity's tendency to give in to Tane to make him happy and then freak out down the track.

The upcoming episodes tease that Felicity is determined to save their marriage and tells Tane she's ready to start trying for a baby, but the hesitation on her face is obvious.

So will the genetically blessed pair grace us all with a perfect baby with huge biceps? Only time will tell.

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