Home and Away fans are wildly speculating about a new character arrival

Because no one turns up to Summer Bay without a deep, dark secret.

There are a few certainties in life: taxes, death, and Summer Bay being rocked by a new face with a dramatic secret.

For over 30 years Home and Away has been delivering fans a healthy dose of primetime drama, and while cast members may come and go, one thing will always remain the same: no one just lands in Summer Bay easy, breezy, and carefree, looking for a quiet life.

Normally, as the story goes, they've washed up on shore and can only speak Pig Latin (never forget Tash Lucas) or they've arrived subconsciously looking for their long-lost twin (Milco anyone? And don't even get me on the Sutherland twins' storyline, that's for another day).

Matilda Brown and Kyle Shilling on home and away
Matilda Brown is set to shake things up on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

So in classic, but exciting form, a new arrival who's about to hit Summer Bay has fans speculating about what her dirty little secret could be.


Actress Matilda Brown is taking on a role as a guest star and is said to be a 'blast from the past' for Summer Bay fave Mali (played by Kyle Shilling).

"Could be his twin sister he didn't know about. They certainly look alike," one fan pointed out.

But most Home and Away fans seemed to think whoever the mystery woman is, she's likely to stir up trouble for Mali and Rose, now they've found their footing as a couple.

Kyle Shilling as Mali Hudson on Home and Away
Kyle Shilling plays fan favourite Mali Hudson on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

"Maybe it's Mali's ex who has come to cause trouble," one fan speculated.

"Give Rose a run for her money, if she is an ex-love interest," another said.

"Can we not let Rose and Mali breakup, they have been through hell and they're meant to be," another stressed-out fan wrote.

However, one dedicated fan also pointed out that part of Mali's storyline included the fact he hasn't been in a relationship before Rose — so is he about to get caught out in a lie?

"There goes his relationship," they joked.


Matilda herself uploaded a pic from the set and teased at some dramatic things to come.

'Dropped into Summer Bay for a minute to stir things up,' she said. "First episode out Thursday!"

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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