EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away's Sophie Dillman reveals her first job since quitting the soap

Sophie Dillman has swapped the sandy dunes of Summer Bay for a life on the stage.

Sophie Dillman is a columnist for Yahoo Lifestyle Australia. Sophie will be bringing insider insights into everything from her time on Home and Away to what it's like being in the public eye and falling in love in the workplace.

Home and Away's Sophie Dillman in a rainbow-coloured top
Sophie Dillman has revealed her next move since quitting Home and Away. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Dillman

Back to school

As I am typing this, I am on the tube on the way to my first day of rehearsals for Breakfast with Johnny Wilkenson. This is a very funny theatre show being produced by Wanstead Theatre Company in East London, and my first job since leaving the shores of Summer Bay.

I hope the readers of this article are cool enough (old enough) to understand the Billy Madison reference in the title; Sophie’s going back to school. I always thought I would be a theatre actress. In fact, I had an acting teacher tell me I had a fat face that wouldn’t translate to screen so theatre would be my best bet.


Regardless of what that guy said, I loved stage work. The ability to perform a show live, with audience interaction, a story in chronological order and only one shot a night to get it right is my idea of heaven.

When I was offered this role I was ecstatic and petrified all at once. Ecstatic because the character is so much fun, the story is hilarious, and the director, cast and producers are lovely. The feeling of being petrified, however, is definitely overriding the elation at this point in time.

Sophie Dillman in a bikini on Home and Away
Sophie played Ziggy on the Channel 7 soap for seven years. Photo: Channel 7

I haven’t played anyone except Ziggy for the last seven years, excluding one year of playing retired and unemployed Sophie. All of a sudden, I am throwing myself into a totally different character, surrounded by total strangers and trying to remember how to do my job after having months and months off.

It's very common for people to be intimidated starting a new job. I asked for a lot of advice and tips from friends and colleagues and I have come up with some pointers that I am putting into practice as we speak.

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You are not alone

Sophie... get your sh*t together. You are not the first person walking into a new workplace and you certainly won’t be the last. It is normal to be nervous and feel inadequate. All you need is time, so just be patient.

Back yourself

You didn’t hold these people hostage and threaten to shave their heads. They hired you because they believed you had something of value to bring to the team. You DO know what you are doing, you HAVE done it before and you WILL do it again.

Get excited

Starting fresh in a workplace means there are no expectations. No one knows you or how you do things. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new, tweak your style or completely revamp all together. The ball is 100% in your court, and you have the power.


OK, my tube stop is coming up.... I am taking a deep breath... finishing my questionable English coffee and adjusting my bra. I deserve to have a go at this, and I deserve to enjoy the process - so do you.

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