Home and Away spoiler: Fan photo may reveal Tane's fate

Is Ethan Browne leaving Home and Away?

Home and Away’s Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) hasn’t had the best time in Summer Bay lately, after one bad decision cost him his freedom.

The fitness instructor recently rescued baby Maia after she was abandoned on the beach, but after she was set to be placed with another foster family, he abducted her and fled.

Knowing he couldn’t run forever, he turned himself in and is now awaiting sentencing – with many fans wondering if this is how Tane’s exit from the show begins.

Tane Parata holding a baby in the hospital with Roo Stewart watching.
Tane made a big mistake when he abducted baby Maia from the hospital. Photo: Seven

“He’s facing prison time for sure,” Ethan told TV Week. “Tane feels failed by the system. He believes he’s doing what’s right for Maia, which is all that matters to him.”

One fan got fed up with waiting to find out whether Tane gets a long jail sentence or not, and took to a popular Facebook fan group to see if anybody had seen the character filming recently. The show films approximately five to six months in advance, so if he’s spotted on set, it means his character will be around for a while yet.


“Has Tane been seen filming recently? Does he go to jail or get off?? Everyone seems to get away with everything in the Bay,” the fan wrote.

Another fan replied with a photo of Tane filming in early April, claiming that he “doesn’t go to jail”.

Ethan Browne as Tane Parata looking at a script on Home and Away.
Ethan Browne was snapped filming on Palm Beach recently. Photo: Facebook

After hearing Tane likely avoids major jail time, fans were quick to talk about how much of a "joke" the storyline has turned out to be.

“I reckon he gets off on some sort of mental health charges. It’s TV land so we will definitely see it play out with a bit of an unrealistic side to it,” one person wrote.


“He should go to jail. Whether he looked after the child or not, he kidnapped her,” another added.

“Of course he’ll get off, everyone on this show always does. Justin only got community service for assaulting a guy, so Tane will only get the same for kidnapping a child. He needs to go back to NZ, there is no reason for him to still be in Summer Bay,” a third chimed in.

“What a joke, in real life it would be jail time,” another said.

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