Home and Away fans are divided over Levi and Eden's fight: 'Spoilt brat'

After repairing their relationship, the siblings are once again fighting after Eden sprung Levi kissing Mac.

Home and Away fans are divided over Eden Fowler's dummy spit after finding out her brother Levi has been cheating on his wife with Mackenzie Booth.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Levi (Tristan Fowler) were previously estranged from each other for quite some time, before Levi ended up in Summer Bay as the doctor saving Mac's life from a heart condition. Let's just say sparks flew, and the two ended up in a passionate affair, despite the fact Levi has a wife (Imogen) back home.

As Eden and Levi started to rebuild their relationship and get back on good terms after they sided with different parents when their father cheated on their mother, the siblings faced a massive setback after Eden sprung Levi kissing. Mac, which led to a big showdown.

Levi Fowler and Eden Fowler on Home and Away
Siblings Levi and Eden have been attempting to repair their fractured relationship on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

With Eden realising her brother most likely stayed in the Bay for so long to engage in his affair and not just to build a relationship with her, let's just say... s**t hit the fan.


"It was all about her wasn't it?" Eden asked her brother. "You were never in the Bay to see me, sleeping with her was more important wasn't it?"

As Levi tried to say it wasn't like that, Eden stormed off as Levi yelled out, "Eden, I'm in love with her."

Home and Away fans react to Eden's outburst

Fans took to the Instagram comments to share their thoughts on the scene, feeling divided over whether Eden was in the right to go off at Levi like that.

"Sorry to say but Eden is a spoilt brat!! Everything is about her gets on my nerves," one person said, with another agreeing, "It’s all about Eden as usual!"

Others said they agreed with Levi and that he didn't need his sister stepping into his personal life. "She is too much. I agree with Levi, life is not black and white," one person said.

Levi and Mac on home and away
Levi and Mac share undeniable chemistry on Home and Away but there's one little problem... Photo: Seven

"You'd think Eden was the one he cheated on from this reaction. I get both he and Mac are not doing the right thing, but life isn’t black & white and sometimes no matter what you know to be right morally isn’t right for you personally," another commented. "Do you live your life for others? Or for yourself? One will make others happy and the other you miserable, which then will make them unhappy too. Life is hard."


Others were quick to point out that Eden's dramatic reaction aside, Levi is still in the wrong for cheating on his wife.

"He's married!" one person said. "He's the one in the wrong!"

"I hope Eden tells Imogen, and doesn't agree to say nothing," another commented. "He lied to her many times about he was coming to see her. Of course she’s mad he lied to her so many times," someone else pointed out.

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