Home and Away spoiler: Bree spotted kissing new character

Is this a sign of who might not survive the motorbike accident?

Home and Away is close to wrapping up its 2023 season but a fan has spotted a spoiler for next year's series of the show, with a favourite spotted kissing a new man — and it's not her boyfriend on the show.

Bree Cameron (Juliet Goodwin) and Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) are one of the show's strongest couples but, of course, in true Summer Bay style the pair haven't been without their dramas: after all, they fell in love when Bree was still married to her abusive husband, and Remi's musical ambitions and ego are known to cause tension.

With the pair currently rock solid, it's true Home and Away style to shake things up and keep fans on their toes.

Cash, Bree, Remi Home and Away
Is it all over between Bree and Remi? Photo: Seven

With the season finale airing Wednesday the 29th of November, a dramatic motorbike crash is being teased with lives hanging in the balance.

Who rides a motorbike? Remi, of course.


The Home and Away finale sees Remi hurtling down the road on his motorbike to come and collect his best mate Eden after she's having a less-than-desirable time camping with her boyfriend, Cash.


However, as Remi zooms on down the highway, he appears to be struck by an upcoming car. Will he survive? We're unlikely to find out until next year...

Bree spotted with new man

Now Bree/Juliet has been spotted by an eagle-eyed fan filming new scenes and she's kissing a man who is definitely not Remi.

Posted in a Home and Away spoilers group, a fan took a sneaky pic of the scene being filmed with the mystery man.

Bree and new man on Home and Away 2024
Bree was spotted kissing a new man that isn't Remi. Photo: Supplied

Fans were quick to flood to the comments to speculate what the hell was going down.

"Why do Remi & Bree break up?" one person asked.

"I don't like idea Bree not being with Remi after all they went through, something bad must of happened between them," another person said.

"Can’t stay happy in Summer Bay," another fan fumed.


And, of course, someone speculated on the most important part.

"Maybe Remi dies in the motorbike accident?" they asked.

Other fans were quick to dispel that notion, however.

"He's still filming," one person said. "Nobody dies," another said.

Guess we'll have to wait and find out next year!

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