Home and Away: Penny McNamee spotted reprising role as Tori Morgan

A much-loved character looks to be setting foot in Summer Bay again.

Home and Away fans rejoice! A fan favourite has been spotted filming new scenes on Sydney's Palm Beach which, of course, is home to the fictional Summer Bay.

And before you take a guess, no, it doesn't appear that any of Leah Patterson-Baker's ex-husbands have risen from the dead to come and haunt her new marriage — but it does look like her soon-to-be sister-in-law is popping by, perhaps just in time for the Summer Bay wedding of the year.

Home and Away's Tori and Christian, Nikau, and Jasmine
A Home and Away fan fave is set to come back to Summer Bay for a few weeks. Photo: Seven

With Leah and Justin Morgan set to tie the knot (unless, you know, a sudden disaster hits and the wedding is cancelled which is more likely than not), it appears Justin's sister Tori (played by Penny McNamee) is making a cheeky return to the Bay, two years after her last appearance.

The last time fans saw Tori, she was jetting off for a new life in London with her new husband Christian, and her daughter Grace.

Three days ago a fan uploaded a series of photos in a Home and Away fan group after meeting some of the cast, including Penny McNamee.


"We chatted with Tori/Penny who said her character was only back for a couple of weeks which is pretty cool! She's absolutely lovely," they said on the post.

New faces in Summer Bay

While the familiar face of Tori is a welcome sight, there are also a few new faces set to pop up in Summer Bay, including handsome new doctor Dr Levi, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Home and Away's new doctor, Levi. Photo: Seven
Home and Away's new doctor, Levi. Photo: Seven

Tristan Gorey, who plays the hot new doc, recently said in an interview that Dr Levi plays a big part in a "high-stakes" storyline.

“He’s fighting to save the life of a central character," he said. “It’s the start of a big storyline that will go on for a while and will certainly have fans gripped.”

A Home and Away Facebook fan group also recently noted that a mysterious new woman was seen filming with Cash, played by Nicholas Cartwright, with a fan spotting Cash saying to the newcomer, "What are you doing here?"


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