Home and Away shocks fans with season final trailer: 'This is intense'

A new promo for Home and Away’s final week of the year has sent fans into an absolute frenzy.

While last week it was revealed that Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) gets into a car accident on the way to her wedding, more clues about the year’s cliffhanger have been shared in the latest promo.

Home and Away character Felicity in a wedding dress as the car is set on fire
The promo released last week showed Felicity in a car covered in flames. Photo: Seven (Seven Network)

Described as a ‘massive season final’, Felicity is shown to be playing matchmaker between her brother Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) and her friend Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo).

In a moment of heated passion, the on-and-off couple almost lock lips, before being interrupted by Felicity. However, it doesn’t seem like the pair are set for a happy ending, with Eden leaving Cash at the beach looking heartbroken in another scene.


It seems Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) and Remi Carter’s (Adam Rowland) budding relationship is also in trouble, after Bree’s abusive husband Jacob makes a terrifying return.

“He’s out there Remi,” Bree warns her new fling, while Remi assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her.

L: Home and Away character Remi tied up with a gag around his mouth. R: Bree looks worried
Home and Away's new promo shows both Bree and Remi in danger. Photo: Seven (Seven Network)

Remi looks panicked when he later searches desperately for Bree, as she locks her motel door ominously — leaving viewers wondering if Jacob is calling the shots again.

In another scene, Remi appears to be tied up and unconscious, with a gag around his mouth.

“Well looks like we are going to have an absolutely amazing season final. Looking forward to the build up to this,” one fan wrote excitedly.

“Omg I’m so excited! Bring on another awesome season finale and another jaw-dropping cliffhanger,” a second added.

“This is going to be intense,” another commented.

“I just knew it, that Jacob would be back. Can’t wait for this year’s cliffhanger,” a fourth chimed in.

Eden and Cash look at each other passionately
Will Cash and Eden get together, or will she be left with a broken heart? Photo: Seven (Seven Network)

Others shared their fan theories on what might be happening in the episode.

“I think Jacob has [Remi] tied up so that he can get to Bree,” one person guessed.


“Cash is in the process of an AVO against Jacob, until the court signs off on it there is nothing Cash can do. But my guess is as soon as WA police finished questioning him, he jumped on a plane,” a second pointed out.

“Don’t think [the] wedding is going to happen, hope I’m wrong,” another wrote.

The Home and Away season final airs at 7.00pm on Monday 28 November on Seven.

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