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Shoppers lose it over 'outstanding' office chair: 'Worth every penny'

If you're still working from home post-pandemic, you know how important a good office chair is for your health, sanity and productivity.

Whether you're still working from your couch or just looking to upgrade, ErgoTune's Supreme ergonomic chair is arguably the best office chair around.

Work-from-homers love the Supreme because it comes equipped with 11 customisable adjustment points to create the perfect sitting experience for any body and any workspace.

Normally $749, the Supreme will be available for just $599 during this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from 25 to 28 November. But if you can't wait until then you're in luck because you can get the same 20% discount right now.

ErgoTune's Supreme chair in a home office set up with a desk, computer, and green plant on the ground on the bottom right against a white background.
Normally $749, ErgoTune's Supreme chair is now available for just $599. Photo: Supplied

Perfect work and play chair

Launched in 2020, ErgoTune was co-founded by Joshua Chan who saw a gap in the market for ergonomic office chairs that were financially attainable, comfortable, visually pleasing and made from high-quality fabric.

"As people who spend long hours seated at an office desk, we know how frustrating it can be to search for the perfect work and play chair," Joshua revealed.


"The more prominent ergonomic chairs in the market had everything we asked for, but their price tags were just too steep.

"Regular office chairs on the other hand lacked the flexibility to adjust to our bodies, couldn't adapt to what we did daily, or were fitted with upholstery that lacked comfort and didn't breathe well."

ErgoTune's Supreme chair in peach on a white background with information squares around it.
ErgoTune's Supreme chair is their bestselling product with nearly 1200 rave reviews. Photo: Supplied

The Supreme is designed to deliver ultimate comfort to the body in short and long periods by implementing adjustment features to target every main pressure point in your body, seamlessly. With the ErgoTune Supreme, you're able to tailor your chair to your body shape by adjusting the seat depth, height, backrest and more.

Going well beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, the Supreme comes in three different sizes to suit everyone. Simply complete a detailed fitting quiz to find your correct size and get recommended calibrations based on your measurements.

Packed with features

Unlike conventional ergonomic chairs, the ErgoTune Supreme is equipped with a huge range of unique features, including the TriTune Headrest that converts into a neck rest, providing targeted neck support with depth, height and angle adjustment.

Another highlight is the auto-adjusting lumbar support (ATLAS™) system which is designed to move with your back, providing hours of pain-free working or gaming time.

A man sits back on a Supreme chair in a home office environment with a desk, computer and pot plant on the right.
The Supreme chair comes in three versatile colours including peach, pale blue, and black. Photo: Supplied

The Gyrobrace 5D armrest pivots up to 270 degrees, giving you the exact height and structure needed to complete a wide range of desk-bound activities with minimal strain.

The unique fabric of the chair is made from Duraweave Mesh, a 2:1 blend of fabric and polyester that is extremely durable and provides airy breathability through extended sessions. Duraweave is also OEKO-TEX approved for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Rave reviews

You only need to read the reviews to realise this chair is worth every dollar.

"The amount of adjustments that can be made is hands down the most outstanding feature for me," one customer wrote. "As someone who lives with hypermobility and chronic pain I love that it’s easy to make modifications each time I sit down based on how my body is going that day. Worth every penny!"

A woman and a man sit on two Supreme chairs, the woman on a pale blue one and the man on a peach one - both on a white background.
The Supreme chairs are uniquely adaptable to tailor to all parts of your body with 11 adjustable features. Photo: Supplied.

Each and every chair comes with a generous 12-year warranty and on the off chance you can't make the Supreme work for you, ErgoTune offers full refunds within 21 days with free pickup from your front door.

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