Home and Away fans devastated by rumoured mass cast exit: 'Not the same'

Home and Away viewers were left shocked when both Sam Frost and Harley Bonner announced that they were leaving the long-running soap opera just a few weeks apart.

Now, it appears as though several other cast members are also set to say goodbye to Summer Bay, with spoilers website Back To The Bay revealing a number of rumoured exits.

Home and Away 2022 poster.
A number of Home and Away stars are rumoured to be leaving the show. Photo: Channel Seven

According to the publication, actor Rob Kipa-Williams, who plays Ari Parata, is expected to be exiting the show soon as he hasn’t been seen filming scenes at Sydney’s Palm Beach for a while.

Rob, who joined the show in 2019, recently took to Instagram to complain about the writing of his character and admitted he’s not entirely happy with his storyline.

“Remember when Ari used to live on the grouchy side of life?” he captioned a snap of himself looking solemn.

“I like him a little more ruggedly written… Oh well,” he added in the comments.


Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder Jackson, is also speculated to be departing Home and Away in the next few months after spending over four years on the show.

Actress Georgie Parker, who portrays his on-screen aunty, Roo Stewart, recently shared a behind the scenes photo on social media alongside Lukas teasing an upcoming farewell party with a bon voyage banner.

To add further fuel to the fire, Lukas has been posting plenty of snaps on Instagram over the past week travelling around the UK.

Home and Away star Courtney Miller, alongside Georgie Parker and Lukas Radovich.
Bella Nixon and Ryder Jackson are two characters reportedly saying goodbye to Summer Bay in the next few months. Photos: Channel Seven / Instagram/georgieparker

Another star rumoured to be waving goodbye to the Bay is Courtney Miller, who has played Bella Nixon since 2018.

Not only has the actress not been seen filming at Palm Beach this year, but her recent social media posts suggest that she’s actually relocated to Melbourne.

Following the reports, a number of fans have taken to a popular Home and Away Facebook group to express their disappointment.

Home and Away is not the same anymore, nothing like the early years of the show,” one fan wrote, followed by another who said they “don’t like change”.

“Man I’m sick of all the good actors and actresses leaving,” a third commented.

“Wow! They’ll need to bring back some of the favourites from the good old days,” a different user suggested, while someone else shared, “Looks like it might be heading the same way as Neighbours”.

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