Harley Bonner slams cancel culture after shock Home and Away exit

Australian actor Harley Bonner has blasted cancel culture on Instagram after recently leaving Home and Away.

The 30-year-old shared an Instagram Story, hitting out at cancel culture, writing: "Cancel culture is the lamest of the lame. Why would you wast time wishing someone didn't exist purely because they said something that made you feel something perceived as a negative?

Harley Bonner on Home and Away
Harley Bonner has slammed cancel culture after his shock Home and Away exit after Seven requested all cast and crew be fully vaccinated. Photo: Seven

"Because you're 'offended.' So? Why then? Why is feeling offended suddenly [the] most unacceptable experience? Better use of time would be asking yourself why it was possible for it to offend you in the first place."

The actor continued: "Take control of your damn experience. Wishing the stimulus away rather than addressing your own mental triggers is the laziest s**t ever. There is fire everywhere but we hold the gun powder. World needs to screw its damn head back on."


Harley Bonner Instagram Story
Harley shared this message about cancel culture, which he describes as 'the lamest of the lame'. Photo: Instagram/Harley Bonner

Harley leaves the Bay

Harley shocked fans earlier this year when it was announced that he would be leaving Home and Away after just four months with the soap, with the star sharing he was "very happy" with his decision.

Taking to Instagram, Harley wrote: "Thanks and love to you all. I'm very happy. Life's good. Keep spreading the kindness."

A Channel Seven spokesperson confirmed the news to the Daily Telegraph over the weekend, saying Harley, who made his first appearance on the Aussie soap in August last year as Dr Logan Bennett, won’t be returning to set in 2022.

Harley Bonner
Harley said he was "very happy" with his decision to leave Home and Away. Photo: Instagram/Harley Bonner

“Channel 7 can confirm Harley will not return to Home And Away when filming resumes in the coming weeks.

“Harley leaves with our best wishes and sincere thanks for his workon the show.”

Harley had previously starred as Joshua Willis on Neighbours from 2013 to 2016 before his character was killed off.

Former Bachelorette star Sam Frost also recently made her Home and Away exit after calling out the "segregation" of those who aren't vaccinated.

Sam Frost
Sam Frost also recently made her Home and Away exit after calling out the "segregation" of those who aren't vaccinated. Photo: Instagram/Sam Frost

She previously shared her reasons for leaving the show, taking to her Believe By Sam Frost Instagram account to write, "I quit my dream job at Home & Away to look after my mental health. I needed to take a step back, go home and be with my family. And most importantly take good care of my health and well-being."

"I now spend the days with the people I love, doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because I was too busy working. I spent 4.5 years being a distant friend, a distant girlfriend, a sister who couldn’t be there for big milestone moments. Now, I’m making up for lost time. I’m prioritising my health and my relationships.

"Sometimes I wake up and panic about money, work and being able to afford my mortgage.. but then I remind myself the importance of putting our mental health first, and taking time out to heal our mind, body & soul. The rest will fall into place."

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