Home and Away fans devastated by rumoured news on Jacqui Purvis’ character: ‘Really sad’

She hasn't been seen filming out at Palm Beach recently.

Jacqui Purvis as Felicity Newman on Home and Away
Jacqui Purvis has been on Home and Away for three years. Photo: Seven

Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis is a firm fan favourite after first appearing on our screens as Felicity Newman in 2021. Sadly, it looks like she’s exited the soap, and her storyline should be tied up in the next few months.

Cast members are usually offered contracts for three years to begin with, and some choose to extend their contract once they’ve expired. In a Home and Away fan group, one fan asked if Jacqui had recently been seen filming at Palm Beach.


“Does anyone know if Jacqui Purvis is still filming? Her three-year contract would be finished around now,” they asked.

While some fans had seen her filming in March, she hasn’t been spotted on set lately. There’s even more damning evidence after fans recounted some info security guards on location had told them.

“I was at Palm Beach [on] Monday, we were talking to the security guards and turns out Flick has stopped filming and now is overseas,” one person claimed.

“My friend was also there as well as this person and confirmed this,” another added.

“I know someone went to Palm Beach today and was told that she’s overseas and not sure if [she’s] coming back, indicating that she’s leaving [or] left the show and no longer filming,” a third wrote.

“Her contract was up, and we don’t know if she was offered another one. She probably didn’t want to sign another one as she’s been doing other films,” a fan speculated.

Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash Newman, and Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos, joined the show at a similar time to Jacqui. At this stage, it’s unclear whether the two actors have renewed their contract.

Jacqui Purvis as Felicity Newman arguing with Ethan Brown as Tane Parata on Home and Away.
Jacqui's character Felicity has recently experienced the end of her relationship with Tane. Photo: Seven

It wasn’t long before fans flooded Facebook fan groups to share how upset they were about Jacqui leaving.

“They would be mad to let her go she’s a great actress,” one person lamented.

“This is really sad. She is one incredible actress. I’m sure we will see her in many more things though. Still bummed though,” another said.


“Ah that’s a shame. Really like Flick. Hopefully [she] leaves on good terms [so she can] return later on,” a third commented.

“Unfortunate as it is she’s a good talent and not everybody sticks around. Hopefully she’s able to move on to bigger things and you never know, they may bring her back in the future depending on what they agree with. Realistically her story is over, there’s nothing else she can really do,” another wrote.

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