Home and Away’s Emily Weir caught in ‘scary’ storm in bikini: ‘Crazy’

While it may seem like it’s always sunny in Summer Bay, the latest Home and Away Instagram post proves that's not always the case. On Monday, the cast and crew were hit with huge winds at Palm Beach, where the show films on location.

Footage shot from the safety of the makeup trailers showed the lunch area being completely demolished by the storm. Not only were chairs and tables flipped, but one marquee was seen turned inside out and flying towards the sea.

L: Home and Away star Emily Weir and Kyle Shilling sit amongst the chaos of the storm. R: Emily Weir stands in a pool looking at the camera
Home and Away star Emily Weir made light of the stormy situation on Monday. Photo: Instagram/homeandaway & officiallauravazquez

“So a mini tornado hit Summer Bay today. Stay dry everyone!” the caption read.

As Emily Weir (Mackenzie Booth) and newcomer Kyle Shilling (Mali Hudson) inspect the damage, Luke Van Os (Xander Delaney) can be heard asking: “Hey, do you guys know what time lunch is?”


Emily’s hair is wet and she looks cold in just a bikini with a blue bathrobe on top. Taking a seat amongst the chaos, the star pretends to be waiting for lunch. “I dunno,” she quips, “I’m just waiting patiently.”

L: Emily Weir in a bikini and blue dressing gown smiling. R: A storm hitting the Home and Away lunch area
The star wore a dressing gown over her bikini to keep warm. Photo: Instagram/homeandaway

Kyle is also inappropriately dressed for the weather, with the rain still visible while he walks around in shorts and bare feet. Kyle hands Emily some cutlery he found on the ground and manages to salvage one small packet of marmalade.

“Yes, yum!” Emily quips, before trying to open her cutlery.


Some fans pointed out that this was more exciting than the actual show, with one suggesting it could be a cliffhanger.

“We need something like this in an episode again,” a fan commented.

“Next year’s cliffhanger. Who survived the storm,” another added.

“Omg wow that was crazy I wonder if this is a sneak peek for what is to come on Home and Away next year,” a third chimed in.

Others were concerned by the weather event, labelling the storm as "scary" and "crazy".

“Omg, please stay safe and dry,” one fan wrote.

“As long as no one got hurt that’s the main thing,” a second remarked.

“Further each day…Blowin’ Away,” another quipped.

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