Home and Away fans wowed by 'unrecognisable' Emily Symons snap

Home and Away fans have gone wild over the ‘classic’ episodes that are now available to stream on 7Plus. One particular screenshot of Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers has caused fans to do a double take with her ‘unrecognisable’ appearance.

The soap is on a summer break, and viewers are currently turning to the ‘classic’ episodes to pass the time before the 2023 return. However, some of the hairstyles from the late 80s and early 90s have left fans ‘cringing’.

Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers on a recent episode of Home and Away
Home and Away's Emily Symons has changed her look drastically from when she first appeared. Photo: Seven

Marilyn’s look has changed completely since her introduction in May 1989, and a throwback snap shared to a popular Facebook group has shown how huge her 80s-styled hairdo really was.

Along with the supersized hairstyle, likened to a ‘mop’ by fans, she wore heavy pearl earrings with a face full of dramatic makeup.


Her eyebrows are pencil thin, reflecting what was in fashion at the time, and wore a loud, leopard print top.

“LIVING for these classic Home and Away episodes, Marilyn’s hair!!! Just wish I didn’t get so invested in each episode!” the group member wrote in the caption.

“It’s hard when every episode is like a year after the one you’d previously watched, so they’re all different characters and storylines!! But I’m loving it anyway!!”

Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers on Home and Away in an early episode
The star looked almost unrecognisable in one of the 'classic' episodes. Photo: Seven/Facebook

Fans found the snap hilarious, with the majority of people commenting on her hair.

“Did somebody lose their mop?” quipped a group member, with another adding: “I bet she cringes when looking back at those ‘do’s.”

“She looks much better now lol,” remarked a fan.

“Back then though big hair was in and everyone had fluffy hair,” a fourth pointed out. “Yep, no one ‘ironed’ their hair then. It was the time of mousse and gel. Think Effie,” a fan agreed.


7Plus hasn’t uploaded the entire back catalogue of Home and Away — with 7945 episodes aired so far — which viewers haven’t been too happy about.

“I wish they’d put all of [the episodes] up, not just selected ones,” one fan complained.

“Me too! I always want to know what happens in the next episode,” added a second.

“Once I found them I couldn’t turn it off, my son is sick of me watching all of these old episodes and crying when the characters leave,” said another.

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