Hidden detail in Home and Away episode: 'Very interesting'

Home and Away is currently on a hiatus over the summer break, with new episodes not returning to the air until January 9 next year. Fans have been delighted by the addition of ‘classic episodes’ on 7Plus, with many using it to get their fix.

One fan shared a screenshot from Brodie Morgan (Jackson Heywood) and Ziggy Astoni’s (Sophie Dillman) wedding in 2018, pointing out something that others may have missed. In the crowd of guests, there was one very familiar face.

Home and Away's Ziggy and Brody get married, Kirsty Marillier is in the background as Rhea
Home and Away star Kirsty Marillier was at the wedding of Ziggy and Brody. Photo: Seven

Kirsty Marillier, who now plays Rose Delaney on the soap, appeared in the episode as Hunter King’s (Scott Lee) wedding date Rhea.

“I didn’t know Rose had a previous role in Home and Away before! Have I been ignorantly unaware?” the fan wrote in a Facebook group.


“This was Brodie and Ziggy’s wedding episode, in 2018. Watching on the 7Plus app, under the ‘Summer Bay weddings’ [playlist],” she added.

Some people agreed and said they ‘didn’t realise’ that Kirsty had acted on the show before.

“Nope was ages ago so I don’t remember it,” a fan commented.

“Very interesting, wouldn’t of known her then, she must’ve been an extra, good on her,” added another.

Two screenshots of Kirsty Marillier as Rhea on Home and Away
Some fans were surprised to see Kirsty in the old episode. Photo: Seven

“Well that was a while ago and we wouldn’t have known who she was,” a third chimed in.

“Lovely, good on her for gaining a full contract,” another remarked.


Others said it was common knowledge that many of the cast have had a previous guest or extra role on the soap in the past.

“I knew Kirsty had previously been in as another character,” one fan claimed.

“You’ll find many of the actors have had a previous guest role or been an extra,” a second pointed out.

“John Palmer (Shane Withington) [played a guest role] too, he was the chopper pilot back in 2006, he was called Colin,” added another.

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