Hidden detail in Carrie Bickmore's post sends fans wild: 'Very relatable'

A hilarious object in her recent Instagram post certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.

Carrie Bickmore has been praised on social media for sharing an unfiltered look at the current state of her home.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the mother-of-three shared a video of her daughter Adelaide, 4, celebrating the Matildas’ win at the Women’s World Cup quarter-final by jumping around in the living room.

Carrie Bickmore's daughter Adelaide dancing in the living room.
Carrie Bickmore’s followers thanked her for showing off her ‘normal house’ in a recent post. Photos: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

The post was quickly flooded with comments from divided followers, some of which criticised her for having a “messy” home while others celebrated her for “keeping it real”.

“Thank you for normalising a normal house!” one person wrote, while another added, “A house with kids, that looks like a house with kids”.


In response to the influx of comments, Carrie shared a follow-up post on Sunday morning showcasing her living room floor strewn with various board games, clothes and toys.

“The state of my living room (in my last post) seems to have amused some of you,” she captioned the snap. “Here is it today in its full glory.

“Tag a friend whose lounge room looks worse.”

Carrie Bickmore's 'messy' lounge room.
Fans quickly noticed a hilarious detail in a photo of Carrie's lounge room. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

Fans spot hidden detail

While fans once again praised The Project’s former host for showing “real life in all its glory”, several people also noticed a hilarious detail on the TV cabinet.

“It’s the red wine glass for me,” podcast host Jessie Stephens commented, followed by someone else who shared, “Very relatable content. First thing I saw, like a heat-seeking missile”.

“Notice it’s empty,” a third remarked, while a different user wrote, “Mumma needs a drink dealing with this on a daily”.

“I love the wine glass sitting on the cabinet... which kid used that,” another follower joked.

“My fav is the wine glass on the TV cabinet… just shows mum tried but kids are kids and mums need wine,” someone else said.


Carrie’s post comes shortly after she made a surprise cameo in the popular ABC children’s show Bluey, which she labelled both a “career and parenting highlight”.

“My girls watching my two seconds of fame on the latest episode of Bluey! What a genuine thrill to be a part of such an incredible Aussie show,” she captioned the post.

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