Hidden detail in Home and Away snap hints at Courtney Miller return

Courtney Miller has given Home and Away fans a glimmer of hope after eagle-eyed fans noticed something interesting in her latest social media post. The star exited the soap in June after playing Bella Nixon on the show for over three years.

She was part of a fan-favourite couple with fellow actor Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who plays Nikau Parata. Sadly, Nikau broke up with Bella via video chat earlier this year to protect her from a bikie gang.

L: Courtney Miller as Bella Nixon on Home and Away. R: Mirror selfie of Courtney Miller in the Home and Away makeup room
A detail in Courtney Miller's latest snap could mean she's returning to Home and Away. Photo: Seven & Instagram/courtney_ally

At first glance, the star’s mirror selfie seemed innocent as the star sat in the makeup chair while smiling. However, fans spotted a wall of Home and Away polaroids in the background.

Courtney did try to deter fans from getting their hopes up, with the caption saying that the snap was a ‘flashback’ from her days playing Bella.


Although the star hasn't made an announcement about returning, fans were quick to share their theories online. Many believe that Bella will rekindle her relationship with Nikau before exiting Summer Bay together.

“Is that the Home and Away wall?” one fan asked excitedly.

“I assume Bella’s return will be to take Nikau away with her…I hope so anyway! They were the cutest together,” another added.

“Someone must be back in the bay for her Nik,” a third chimed in.

“She is back for a little bit next year for Nikau’s exit,” another guessed.

Bella looks upset as she talks on a video chat
Fans were upset when Nikau broke up with Bella over the phone. Photo: Seven

In September, the star told Yahoo Lifestyle that she would love to reprise her role as Bella, but only as a guest.

"I would [come back]. I wouldn't do a long stint, but just to see everyone, especially just having finished a bit of drama school," she said. "I want to work again to see what I've learned, what I've taken on and how I've grown as an actor."


The star was spotted out on Palm Beach by some fans in September this year, with people discussing her return on fan Facebook groups.

“Aww wow can’t wait to see Bella again even if it is just for a little bit,” a fan gushed.

“I would prefer old characters popping in and out of the show, makes [it] more life like,” a second wrote.

“OMG can’t wait for Bella to come back,” another added.

L: Nikau spinning Bella around. R: Nikau and Bella share a kiss
Fans adore Nikau and Bella's relationship. Photo: Seven

Kawakawa Fox-Reo set to leave Summer Bay

This comes after popular star Kawakawa Fox-Reo is set to exit the soap. While he hasn’t announced anything himself, the actor has been seen travelling overseas on an extended holiday.

One of the biggest tell-tale signs is that he bleached his hair blonde, as actors are typically not allowed to change their look while working on the show.

L: Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo with blonde hair and a cigarette in his mouth. R: Kawakawa Fox Reo wearing a black bunny mask and a woman in LA
Kawakawa was spotted in LA with a blonde hairdo. Photo: Instagram/kawa_f_r & ryan.panizza

In a Facebook fan group, people discussed what this could mean for his future.

“I don’t think [Home and Away] would re-dye his hair [back to black] — most likely would write it in. Kawa obviously bleached it [because] he knew he didn’t need to keep it black for his job anymore,” one pointed out.

“His three years on the show [are] nearly up in January. I hope he isn’t gone,” added another.

“I know they are [on] holidays in LA [for] someone’s birthday, but rumour is that Kawa moved there so time will tell,” a third chimed in.

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