Home and Away star's transformation shocks fans: 'Looks horrible'

Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo has just debuted a very polarising new look.

The young actor, who plays Nikau Parata on the soap, has bleached his hair blonde.

Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo as Nikau Parata on the soap
Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo doesn't look like this anymore. Photo: Seven

He recently shared a set of snaps on Instagram from his holiday in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Kawakawa’s new hairstyle is a far cry from his character’s regular jet-black hair, and he showed off his new look by posing in front of an outdoor mirror.

The shirtless star had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and sported a pair of black sunglasses and shorts.


He also met up with former Home and Away star Ryan Panizza, who played Nathan Silva during the dramatic illegal gambling ring storyline.

Kawakawa and Ryan grew close when working on the soap together and they also share the same management agency X Division.

L: Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo doing a peace sign with blonde hair. R: Kawakawa Fox-Reo wears a bunny mask with a friend
The Home and Away star was spotted in LA. Photo: Instagram/kawa_f_r & ryan.panizza

Fans discussed his transformation on social media and what this could mean for his future on the show.

“I don’t think blonde really suits him,” one person mused, with another stating, “I don’t like the hair”.

“Looks horrible, and he smokes…yuck. I know some actors do as well but wish they wouldn’t,” wrote third.

“I don’t think [Home and Away] would re-dye his hair [back to black] — most likely would write it in. Kawa obviously bleached it [because] he knew he didn’t need to keep it black for his job anymore,” another pointed out.

Others were wondering whether he had left Summer Bay for good, or if he was simply on holiday.

“I know they are in holidays in LA [for] someone’s birthday, but rumour is that Kawa moved there so time will tell,” a fan pointed out.

“His three years on the show [are] nearly up in January. I hope he isn’t gone,” added a second.

“Damn, he’s a mystery leaving us guessing, wondering yes he’s gone onto better things, or just backpacking around the world for example!” another wondered.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Ethan Browne pose on Palm Beach
Sleuthing fans have been keeping an eye on Kawakawa's social media for clues. Photo: Instagram/kawa_f_r

After Courtney Miller (Bella Nixon) was recently photographed on set by viewers in early October, some fans have come up with interesting theories.

"[Could be to] see [Ziggy's] baby and maybe Nikau leaves with her...Be interesting [to see] if [Nikau is] still seen filming after Bella's short visit," a fan guessed.

"I believe he has left and that’s how he will leave with Bella next year. I love Nikau and Bella together even though I would love both [to] stay but unfortunately, that’s how the show goes," another wrote.

"That'll be a nice send-off for both of them if it does go that way," a third agreed.

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