Harry & Meghan: Body language expert reveals 'embarrassing' moment

A body language expert has revealed the moment Prince Harry appeared to be embarrassed by Meghan Markle in their new tell-all docuseries.

Louise Mahler told The Morning Show Harry looked down and appeared uncomfortable when Meghan was telling a story about how she had to curtsy for the Queen.

“We were in the car and he’s like, ‘You know how to curtsy right?’. And I thought it was a joke," Meghan said in the documentary.

“Now I’m starting to realise, this is a big deal. I mean, Americans will understand this.

“We have Medieval Times — Dinner and Tournament. It was like that. I mean, I curtsied as if I was like…”

She then bent down low and swept her arms out wide and laughed as Harry looked at her awkwardly.

Prince Harry looks awkward as Meghan does a curtsy in their new documentary. Source: Netflix
Prince Harry looks awkward as Meghan does a curtsy in their new documentary. Source: Netflix

"He was definitely embarrassed in that moment," Louise told The Morning Show.

"He is not a theatre person. As a theatre person you do theatrical things all the time and people want you to do less. He is not like that."

Louise added Meghan's curtsy impression during the documentary was "disrespectful".

"If you enter a different country with a different culture, in Japan, you would not make fun of their bow, you would see it as a creative opportunity. You wouldn't talk about 'In Medieval times'," the body language expert said.


During the documentary Meghan and Harry spoke to the camera one-on-one, with Louise saying it gave an interesting insight into Harry's self-esteem.

"Harry is someone who has low self-esteem, he talks constantly about being a ginger, as though that's a problem, and then he talks about his heartbreak and you hear to this day his voice breaks [when he goes] 'It wasn't fair'. His voice breaks, he is a heartbroken man affected dramatically by his mother's death," she said.

"[Meghan] constantly talks about freedom, being free, her favourite song is about freedom, and then she speaks again about free, they kept dropping that word a lot. She accentuated that freedom is her core value while he is a very heartbroken, sad man."

Royal family hits out at documentary

The royal family has hit out at a key claim in Netflix docuseries after the first three episodes were released on the streaming platform on Thursday. At the very beginning of the show, it is stated that the palace "declined to comment" on the six-part series.

The first episode opened with a statement written in white on a black background that read: "This is a first-hand account of Harry and Meghan’s story, told with never before seen personal archive. All interviews were completed by August 2022.

"Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content within this series."


However, a source has insisted Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and members of the royal family were not approached for comment, the Daily Mail reports. A source at Netflix has refuted these claims, saying the communications officers for both the King and Prince of Wales were contacted in advance and given a chance to comment on Harry and Meghan's "claims within the series".

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