Halle Berry Welcomes 2 New 'Babies' to Her Family: 'Full House Over Here'

Halle Berry just welcomed some new additions to her family!

The Catwoman star took to Instagram on Thursday, June 27, to share the news that she's now caring for two additional cats, introducing them with an adorable gallery of photos.

The kittens, both dark in color with one displaying a white patch on its belly and paw areas, were found in the longtime actress' yard, in addition to a few other family members of the felines.

"Introducing Boots and Coco!" Berry, 57, opened the caption of her social media post. "I found these two little fur babies in my yard along with their 2 siblings and their mom! I got the mommy spayed and released her back in my yard and she’s now our outdoor cat and the other 2 babies I’ve found a forever home for and these two are our new lovies."

The Bruised star wrapped up her note by confirming, "It’s a full house over here!"

The backstory of her new pets was shared alongside a photoset featuring several images of the four-legged friends both inside and outdoors, as well as one where she lovingly held them up in her arms, cuddling them by her face.

Fans in the comment section couldn't get enough of the rescue tale, dropping by to show their support and adoration for the Oscar winner and her newest fur pals.

"Awww thank you for also getting mom cat spayed! She’ll be happy to enjoy her days without having to worry about finding food for her babies!" one exclaimed, while another quipped, "Awww Catwoman with her cats 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛."

Fellow actress Julianne Moore chimed in to swoon "Awwwwwwwww ❤️," as several other fans simply couldn't help but notice how "adorable" they are.

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