A Video Of Rihanna "Annoying" And "Stressing" Out A$AP Rocky Has Now Turned Into A Hilarious Meme

Rihanna really is the meme queen that keeps on giving.

Rihanna being interviewed by Extra, wearing a red leather jacket over her shoulders and a statement necklace with large red gemstones
Kayla Oaddams / WireImage

From her iconic Met Gala looks to her deliciously dramatic eye rolls, she's given us SO MUCH iconic meme material over the years — and now, she's provided one more.

Rihanna smiles wearing a layered pearl necklace and white dress with floral details at a formal event. She has pearl earrings that match her necklace
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It's from this Instagram video she shared yesterday, showing her teasing A$AP Rocky as she rapped and danced along to "TGIF" by GloRilla. If you haven't heard it, it's a summer anthem that's basically about being single and living your best life. As you can see, A$AP was kinda shocked by it, LOL.

Rihanna in a sheer black dress, tights, and high heels, standing with A$AP Rocky who is wearing a plaid jacket and loose jeans with a white beanie and hair clips

The internet had a bunch of funny memes and reactions to it, too:


Rihanna / Twitter: @wowthatshiphop


Rihanna / Twitter: @Hauwa_L


Rihanna / Twitter: @headnavy


Rihanna / Twitter: @DonDadaNYC


Rihanna / Twitter: @lieslmao


Lionsgate Films / Twitter: @ratedpaulie


Rihanna / Twitter: @MazikodeThah


A person in a suit with hair clips and a necktie stands in a hallway, wearing sunglasses. Tweet text above reads, "If I send you this, just know you're doing something that's out of pocket."


Rihanna / Twitter: @AimThaMachine_


Rihanna / Twitter: @yourgirlayedub


Rihanna / Twitter: @headnavy


Rihanna / Twitter: @rasoulHK


ZIGGY (@MISSCHINDIYA) tweets a clip of Rihanna in a suit and tie at a doorway with one other person, captioned "When you pick your girl up from Mimosa's with the gworls!"


Rihanna / Twitter: @headnavy


Toni Tone tweeted about playfully stressing out men. Rihanna tweeted a video of herself holding items with the caption "happy friday."


Njeri tweets a photo with two people posing; one holds a blazer with a graphic design. Abby’s comment says, “Good enough, put it on Spotify.” Image has 14,429 comments

The singer also went viral last week for the very bizarre way she recorded the Paris Fashion Week runway. You can read about that one here.