Guy Sebastian's secret talent revealed in Reddit thread

A fan has told of an encounter with Guy Sebastian where he revealed a surprising skill.

The Voice star Guy Sebastian has had a longstanding music career in Australia since winning Australian Idol in 2003, but a Reddit thread has revealed a secret skill of the singing superstar.

Guy Sebastian on The Voice. Photo: Seven
Guy Sebastian. Photo: Seven

While fans know him for his huge voice and hit songs like 'Battle Scars' it turns out Guy is a nifty sportsman too.

In a Reddit thread discussing the singer's fanbase, someone shed some new light on Guy being a pretty skilled cricketer.

"I dunno about his music but he randomly filled in for my cricket team a few years ago and absolutely carved up," the person said.

"50 off 17 and 3 wickets, so he’s got a fan here!"

The comment was met with delight from other fans.

"That's actually hilarious. Imagine turning up to your Saturday league game and getting absolutely pumped by Guy Sebastian of all people," one person said.

"I knew a guy who played indoor against him once and said everyone was ribbing him, but he was a great sport about it," another shared. "Laughed along then absolutely smashed them at cricket. So I think his skills are verified."


'Nicest Guy'

Guy Sebastian, Jules Sebastian and their kids
The Voice's Guy Sebastian and his family. Photo:

Puns aside, others took to the Reddit thread to share their experiences about meeting Guy Sebastian in the wild.

"I’m a chef, and have cooked a few shindigs for him. He’s always very respectable and makes sure to come into the kitchen afterwards and personally thank everyone for their hard work. Leaves a tip that is designated for the kitchen," one person shared.

"He was my singing teacher just before he went on Australian Idol and can verify that he is an absolutely lovely person and a very talented musician," another said.

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