Groom reveals mum's shocking voicemail on wedding day: 'Horrible'

A groom has revealed his mum sent him an upsetting voicemail on his wedding day informing him the family would not be attending his nuptials.

Posting on Reddit, the groom explained he had a sister six years older than him who his parents would often choose over him.

"My parents for years cancel on me last minute because of my sister. I have a basketball game, 'Oops sorry sister doesn't feel like going out'. I am graduating, 'Oops sorry sister had a bad day at work'," he explained.

"They have missed both major and smaller events in my life because of her meltdowns."

The groom added when he decided to tie the knot with the love of his life, he told his parents he was concerned his sister would ruin the special moment, but his mum assured him it would not be the case.

But then the wedding day rolled around.

A groom looks stressed as he talks on the phone.
The groom was 'hurt' after receiving the voicemail. Source: Getty

"The day of my wedding, I received a voicemail from my mum saying they couldn't come because my sister's dog was sick and she was upset," he said.

The groom admitted he was hurt to receive the voicemail and to cheer him up his best man took his phone and asked his fiancé if he could post a video of their wedding on social media as a gift.

"I had no idea about it until I came home. Our honeymoon was at a lakeside cabin. No cell service," the groom said.


The video his friend posted had the caption, "My best friend. He is an amazing person even if his parents NEVER showed up for him", and featured stills of wedding pictures with his in-laws instead of his actual parents while the voicemail sound played over the top of the video.

"I came home a week later to hundreds of messages. Family members from both sides insisting I take it down. I was told my sister hasn't stopped crying. My mum is refusing to leave the house," he wrote.

He admitted he didn't take the video down after receiving the messages and did not contact his family right away as he wanted to enjoy spending time with his new wife.

When he did finally get in contact with his dad, he told him to take the video down as it was "just a bad night for them".

The groom said his dad also promised to make it up to him for missing the wedding.

"My reply was, 'Exactly how do you plan to make up my wedding? It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You choose to ignore my feelings on the whole matter'," he said.

"Then he just repeated he will make it up to me. I told him I would take down the video only when he made up missing my wedding. Flustered we both hung up the phone before we both said things we shouldn't have."

Midsection Of Couple Exchanging Wedding Ring.
The groom's family said they'd make up for missing the wedding. Source: Getty

At the end of the Reddit post, the groom asked if he was in the wrong for not taking the video down, but he received a flurry of responses saying he has done the right thing.

"What horrible people. That video is perfect. The friend is pure gold," one said.

"They skipped your wedding because your sister's dog was sick and she was upset. I love and adore my cats, so I understand your sister being upset about her dog being sick, but I'm a big girl and I have other people in my life I can lean on while my parents attend a wedding," another added.

"I'm also fine not being the centre of attention all the time, which your sister clearly isn't. She's selfish and self-centred, and your parents enable her because she's the golden child."

"The pet was the excuse. The plan was always to ruin his day," a third commented.

Others simply encouraged him to repost the video every wedding anniversary.

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