Bride slammed for forcing bridal party to foot $2000 bill: 'Insane'

A bride has come under fire for being "selfish" after her extreme wedding demands were shared online.

Her maid of honour shared a lengthy document on popular online forum Reddit, which showed how much work the bridal party had to do for her engagement party.

A bridesmaid puts on a bride's veil before the wedding
A bride has been exposed after her list of 'insane expectations' were shared online. Photo: Getty

Included in the list were things such as set up, pack down, purchasing the cake, centrepieces, food and more — all on the bridesmaids’ own dime.

Adding insult to injury, the bridal party were expected to "work the event" as wait staff as well as footing the bill.

“Basically the venue was just an empty hall with tables and chairs,” the bridesmaid began. “We had to pay and work the event. I remember trying to keep my formal party dress clean as I bussed tables."

“Later events were absolute torture and I cried a lot. I am a fool for continuing on. I honestly thought once it was over our friendship would resume but it never did,” she admitted.


The bridesmaid also revealed that the bachelorette party was an "entire nightmare", where she was asked to cover an additional $400 cost but she refused.

“I remember everyone basically stopped speaking to me after this point as if I’d done some massive slight,” she added.

Elaborating on the messy situation she wrote: “I spent about $2000 on the various events and travel for this wedding and I never even received a thank you! It was almost no-contact post-wedding, with the exception of one pitiful last-minute invite to their housewarming via text message three days in advance.

“Obviously, it was good riddance to such a horrible selfish non-friend, but it was a sad realisation that I was just taken advantage of. Live and ya learn,” she said.

A list of demands from a bride for her engagement party
The bride's demands were lengthy, and required the bridal party to cough up funds. Photo: Reddit/weddingshaming

People on Reddit were furious on the bridesmaid's behalf, saying that the bride had "insane expectations".

“I work in a role where I manage the setup and tear down of large events. This is what my punch lists look like for my PAID EMPLOYEES,” one annoyed person wrote.

“That looks like the kind of list I would write for myself to follow, never one I’d expect my guests to fulfil for me,” another pointed out.

“I thought this to-do list was just for the bridal couple, holy s**t they expected you guys to do this?” a third added.

“She’s a total a**hole on so many levels. Everyone (and especially bridesmaids) should be a guest. If she couldn’t afford staff, she shouldn’t have had the party,” remarked another.

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