Bride savaged for disgusting wedding cake: 'Looks like diarrhoea'

A bride has been torn apart online for her ‘embarrassing’ wedding cake after it was shared on Facebook.

The cake was covered in bumpy white frosting and had two large Adirondack chairs on top. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was finished with dregs of chocolate that was instantly compared to ‘poo’ and ‘diarrhoea’.

L: Bride and groom dishing out wedding cake. R: Comments on a Facebook page
A bride's cake has been brutally mocked online. Photo: Getty & Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

“A friend's relative got married…this is their cake,” a group member wrote in a popular wedding group.

While most people thought that the chair topper was far too large for the cake, the biggest issue was with the chocolate topping.

“This literally looks like they’d had diarrhoea and this was the result when they got up,” one repulsed group member wrote.


“Did anyone love this couple enough to pull them aside to save them from this embarrassment of a cake? They could have gotten a Costco sheet cake and put the chairs on that, and be 110% better,” another wrote.

A wedding cake sits on a log, with brown chocolate dregs, topped with two wooden chairs
People were horrified by the strange chocolate topping. Photo: Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

“Hey, remember when we got the s**ts sitting by the lake? Yeah, good times, let’s put that on our wedding cake,” a third quipped.

“The result looks like when the lid falls off the shaker and the contents goes everywhere,” remarked a bride-to-be.

Some tried to be a little kinder, but it was clear that nobody really liked the cake.

“The idea is cute. Execution not so much,” one person said.

“If they took away the chocolate and smoothed out the cake it would be kinda cute,” another suggested.

“If it was just the chairs, and not all that other junk, it’d be cute. And of course, the cake needs to be frosted properly,” a third wrote.

Bride's 'horrific' cake roasted online

This comes after a bride went viral for her cake that looked like 'mashed potatoes'.

The lopsided cake was pictured in the back of a car, with both tiers covered in lumpy frosting and topped with a garish Mr and Mrs topper.

“Wedding cake delivered and assembled. Bride is happy and I’m happy it’s over with!

"I think the leaning is being in the back of my car. Everything was level at home,” the baker wrote alongside the photo.

After a bride-to-be shared it to a popular Facebook group, people couldn’t stomach the thought of eating the cake.

“You know how when something has been in a smoker's house, it has a vaguely yellow dirty colour to it? Yeah. Would not be eating that,” a disgusted person wrote.

Wedding cake with white lumpy frosting topped with a Mr and Mrs topper
People were shocked by the lumpy cake posted on social media. Photo: Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

“I’m horrified both the bride and the baker thought this was ‘okay’. It looks like mashed potatoes on a lumpy paper-mâché cake,” another remarked.

“I’d be really bummed out if I were the bride getting this cake that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa during a nuclear fallout,” added a third.

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