Bride's embarrassing X-rated mistake on wedding invite: 'I'm dead'

A bride-to-be has revealed a very embarrassing mistake she made on a wedding invite to send to guests.

The woman posted a TikTok video showing off the elegant invite, but she failed to notice that instead of directing guests to her wedding website to RSVP, she sent them a link to a popular X-rated adult website.

"So I got my wedding invitations in the mail today. Super exciting," she said in her video.

"Except I made a very large mistake that I'm going to share with you guys so other brides don't make this mistake because I'm sure it's super common."

The bride then shows off her "really cute" RSVP card and admits she forgot she put the adult website in as a placeholder and failed to change it to her wedding website.

The bride next to her invitation showing the X-rated mistake.
The woman shared her embarrassing mistake to warn other brides. Source: TikTok

"If you're my mum, I'm sorry, I will fix it," she said.

"I think it's funny, personally, but I don't think anyone else is going to think it's funny, especially my family and [my fiancé's] family, and literally anyone else. So, I'm sorry. I'll fix it."

Other TikTokers did however find the bride's mistake hilarious.

"I’m dead," one said.

"I think this is hilarious! I checked my invites 1000 times before I finalised because I did the same thing!" another admitted.

"I love this. I’m dying laughing," a third added.

"I put the wrong venue address on mine. And didn’t notice until the week before wedding lol FUN!" another claimed.


Others questioned how the mistake could have possibly been made.

"Omg. Who spell-checked this? Anyone?" one commented.

"Aren’t wedding invitations kinda expensive to not bother proofreading before ordering and mailing out?" another questioned.

Some TikTokers criticised the bride, saying the invitation was riddled with spelling mistakes.

"Sis. That card needs to run through spell check," a TikToker wrote.

"Do you actually think this is a super common mistake? Or are you being sarcastic...?" another questioned.

"Please hire someone to do this for you," a third urged.

Guest savaged over 'rude' wedding act

It comes after a wedding guest sparked outrage after sharing her "ignorant" act at her friend's wedding reception.

The video shows the woman at the reception standing at a table with the top tier of the bride and groom's wedding cake.

She is then caught in the act as she picks up a knife and cuts a piece out of the tier before she licks her fingers and touches the knife again to scrape off some icing.

With the top tier of the wedding cake usually reserved for the bride and groom to enjoy on their first anniversary, people were shocked as to what the woman was thinking.

A woman in a spotty dress cuts a wedding cake.
The woman was savaged for stealing a piece of cake from the top tier. Source: TikTok

"You have no idea how angry this is making me," one commented.

"This made me angry and it's not my wedding," another said.

"How can someone have so little self-awareness?" a third added.

"The ignorance," somebody else fumed.

"It’s not an honest mistake. If nobody else is obviously eating cake isn’t it common sense? Why not ask first too? Rude as hell," a furious Tiktoker commented.

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