Grant Denyer reveals major change in Deal or No Deal reboot: 'Smart'

Here’s what you can expect with the new version of the game show.

10 years after being axed in Australia, Deal or No Deal is set to return to screens on Monday, January 29 with Grant Denyer as host.

Grant, who has previously hosted Family Feud, Game of Games and Celebrity Name Game for Channel 10, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the reboot features plenty of major changes - including an updated time slot.

Deal or No Deal host Grant Denyer.
Deal or No Deal is returning to Australian screens next week with Grant Denyer as host. Photo: Channel 10

While the original Deal or No Deal aired from 5-6pm, the revived version will air at 6pm weeknights before The Project at 6:30pm.

“I think what's critical here is that we're providing a nice alternative to the news,” Grant tells us. “It’s just been across the board news at six o'clock, and not all Australian families want to have the news on in their lounge room while they're getting ready for dinner.

“So we're going to create this little island that you can go to and watch at six o'clock where it's just fun and high energy and you're laughing and you're watching great people earn big amounts of money and you're just on the edge of your seat with suspense.”


Grant believes it’s a “smart” decision to provide an alternative to the news that is “safe for the whole family to consume”, especially considering the current political climate and global situation.

“Kids aren’t going to see or hear anything that you don't want them to experience,” he shares. “As a father of three little girls, I've been struggling at six o'clock because I just simply didn't want to turn the television on. And now you can and you don't have to worry and we'll take your mind off your troubles.”

'It's more fun'

In addition to the new time slot, Channel 10's version of Deal or No Deal will feature 22 briefcases instead of 26 and a new top prize of $100,000. Contestants will also open their own briefcases rather than having models do it for them.

Grant adds that the reboot has “more heart, more humour and more humanity” than the original, which is something he didn’t expect when signing on.

“It’s shinier, the drama’s heavier, it’s more exciting, it’s more fun, it's cheeky and it’s naughty,” he details.

“I love being a human ATM just handing out cash to great Australians who need a helping hand. In this time of high cost of living, a lot of great Australians are doing it tough just trying to get by and purchase the regular everyday items we need to survive, so to be an answer to help them is great.”


The Gold Logie winner went on to say that the entertainment value of the show is “a lot higher” than the previous version, which first launched in 2003.

“When you look at the other offerings on free-to-air television at the moment, they're pretty dry,” he remarks. “They take themselves very seriously and they're great formats, but they're slow and they're kind of a dryer experience. Whereas we thought we would go the other way and just make it a hell of a lot of fun.

“If I'm absolutely honest, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I am. I knew it would be good, but I didn't think it'd be this sensational.”

Deal or No Deal kicks off 6pm weeknights from Monday, January 29 on 10 and 10 Play

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