'Everyone's timing is unique': Jack Vidgen's advice on coming out

Aussie singer Jack Vidgen has shared some further insight into his own coming out journey, ahead of the 2020 Mardi Gras festival, revealing there were a few people he confided in before opening up to his family.

The 23-year-old, who performed at Eurovision Australia Decides on Saturday, says he was extremely fortunate in his own coming-out experience, but knows that everyone’s situation is different.

“[When I came out] it just wasn't even a thing really, it was just so chill. When I told them they were like, yeah cool, which I think is the best way it can be,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“But I’ve realised that's not everyone's journey and everyone's timing is unique to them. There are definitely people that really struggle with it.”

Jack says the best advice he would give to anyone who might be struggling in their own coming-out journey is to find at least one person you are comfortable talking to and being open about who you are.

“There are so many people around that you can talk to if you're not out. Find those people that you feel like you can talk too, maybe even before it's your family,” he tell us.

“For me, I was out to some people from a really young age, but then I came out to all my friends and family and that later, when I was 19.”

Jack came out publicly as gay early last year, but revealed he had come out to his family and friends a few years before.

“I got to that point where I was happy and accepting who I am and wanted to be able to share that,” he told The Kyle and Jackie O show in May 2019.

He also admitted he did struggle with his sexuality for a long time before finally coming out, especially being in the public eye from such a young age.

“When I was 14 in the public eye… you get those thoughts, ‘Am I gay? Am I not?’ You're still working it out and I was still going through puberty,” he told the radio program.

Jack admits he thought he’d never sing again

When Jack Vidgen decided to step away from the spotlight after winning Australia’s Got Talent when he was just 14 years old, he admits he thought he might never actually sing again.

But the 23-year-old put himself back out there over the weekend performing his new single for the chance to represent Australia at one of the biggest singing competitions in the world - Eurovision.

“This opportunity and my new song - being able to do something like that and singing it on such a big stage, I guess it felt very out of reach for quite a while,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle before the decider on Saturday night.

Photo: Instagram/jackvidgen
Photo: Instagram/jackvidgen

He revealed even during his time away from the spotlight music was always his first love, but at one point he didn’t think he would ever get back into it again.

“There was a while where I didn't think I would do it again and I didn't think I'd sing again,” he admits. “But it's been really beautiful that I've been able to do it in a way that's been so positive.”

Jack Vidgen misses Eurovision after public vote

Sadly Jack missed out on the coveted Eurovision spot after he was pipped to the post by 24-year-old Sydney-based artist Montaigne.

The Aussie was brutally slammed on social media over his performance but his fans didn’t take the criticism lying down, hitting back at trolls on Twitter.

“WTF is wrong with people? Jack Vidgen has emotions like the rest of us. The haters on here ought to be ashamed.Find something productive to do instead,” one person said.

“Why did I see someone asking why Jack Vidgen wore makeup like a girl? It’s 2020 people,” another person said.

Watch our full interview with Jack Vidgen below:

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