'Awkward' moment I'm a Celebrity stars don't know each other

I’m a Celebrity...Get me out of Here! has officially kicked off for another year and the stars have avoided being dropped in some exotic jungle overseas, instead camping out in the Aussie outback.

But while the location is different in 2021, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one amusing element of the premiere episode seems to have remained - with plenty of viewers and even some of the ‘stars’ failing to recognise each other.

im a celebrity Abbie Chatfield and Ash Williams
Abbie Chatfield and Ash Williams had a very awkward first exchange. Photo: Channel 10

Three of the first celebrities to be unveiled were Australia's Got Talent and The Voice’s Jack Vidgen, Jess Eva from The Block and now Triple M radio, and Australian Idol alumn, Paulini Curuenavuli.

But even before any more participants entered the bush, viewers began flooding Twitter with questions over the contestants, with some wondering if it would only be ‘reality stars’ this year.

“Is there any celebrities in it... I'm waiting,” one person wrote.

“Where are the actual celebrities?” another asked.

While a third said: “Three people revealed and I'm still waiting on celebrities.”


There were also plenty of awkward moments between the contestants, as it became clear they also didn’t immediately know who some of their fellow campmates were.

im a celebrity Toni Pearen and Mel Buttle
Toni Pearen and Mel Buttle fail to recognise a campmate. Photo: Channel 10

Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise’s Abbie Chatfield apparently had no idea who comedian Ash Williams was. But Ash then flipped the joke on Abbie asking: “You’re not working here? You’re a contestant?”

Though it was clear he in fact did know who Abbie was, with things getting even more awkward when he admitted he had ‘slid into her DMs’ and been ignored.

“I think you saw it. It said 'seen'. But it's okay,” he said, with Abbie clearly left unsure how to respond. “No, you were busy. You just got off The Bachelor. It's all good,” he added.

Viewers were clearly amused by the exchanges, with one writing: “The wonderful moments when the ‘celebs’ have no idea who each other are hahaha.”

There were also some who failed to recognise Jess Eva, who co-hosted a radio show on the Sunshine Coast for years before she first graced our TV screens on The Block in 2018.

But viewers on social media seemed keen about her inclusion on the show.

“I know with Jess people are going to say ‘who?’ but she’s actually good value,” one fan said.

Here are all the stars on I’m a Celebrity... Get me Out of Here 2021:

2021 I'm a celebrity get me out of here
I'm a Celebrity stars for 2021. Photo: Channel 10
  • Grant Denyer

  • Jack Vidgen

  • Paulini Curuenavuli

  • Toni Pearen

  • Abbie Chatfield

  • Travis Varcoe

  • Ash Williams

  • Jess Eva

  • Mel Buttle

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