Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger's apology email to Hamish Blake after brutal speech

Sonia Kruger appeared to sledge fellow nominee Hamish Blake in her Logies acceptance speech. Now she's revealed the reason behind it.

Gold Logie 2023 winner Sonia Kruger has spoken out after a controversial moment from her winning speech went viral, saying she plans to send an apology email to fellow nominee, Hamish Blake.

A very shocked Sonia took home the top gong at last night's award show, which was held at The Star Sydney, taking to the stage to accept the statue with all eyes of the entertainment industry focused on her.

Sonia Kruger holding her Gold Logie on stage
Sonia Kruger has revealed she plans to send an apology email to fellow nominee Hamish Blake. Photo: Channel 7

However, some people were left shocked after she joked that 'people are a little over Hamish' and their joint agent, Mark Clements, hopes he'll leave their agency.

“I've joked with Hamish, Hamish and I have the same agent, Mark Clements, he's here tonight, and I said, 'Mark, who did you vote for?', putting him on the spot and he's like, ‘Well, Sonia, I think people are a little over Hamish’. I went, ‘No Mark, surely not, he's the odds-on favourite to win’. And he went, ‘No, frankly I am secretly hoping he will leave the agency so I can concentrate all of my efforts on you Sonia’,” she said.


While Sonia was obviously joking, she did have to backtrack slightly when Hamish Blake looked a little bit put out by the joke.

“Obviously Mark did not say that, I'm paraphrasing” she clarified.

Hamish Blake at the 2023 Logie Awards
Hamish looked a little taken aback by the comments about him in Sonia's speech. Photo: Channel 7
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This morning, Sonia appeared on KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren show where she revealed she had forgotten to bring her speech up to the stage with her.

“I had written something. It was in my bag so that didn’t help, so I kind of just had to wing it and my brain was so scrambled,” Kruger said.

She went on to say that she had been up since 8am that morning and as her name was being called, she was “dreaming about cheeseburgers and fries in my room”

“It’s great because we’ve all known each other for a long time and a lot of us have been around for a long time but also, you kind of want to impress them with something witty or funny and sometimes it doesn’t come off," she continued.

“I was making the joke about our agent, Hamish and I, and I think people took it seriously. It was an absolute joke and the agent found it funny, I hope Hamish did too. I must give him an apology email today.”

Sonia Kruger holding her Gold Logie on stage
Sophie Kruger was stunned as she accepted her award for the Gold Logie. Photo: Getty Images

While many people applauded Sonia’s speech, others were a little divided over the comment she made about Hamish.

“Sonia, when you have to say 'I’m joking' more than once … clearly you’re not telling jokes,” one person said.

“Sledging Hamish during her speech? Interesting,” another person said.

“Someone needs to make a gif of Hamish's face when Sonia made the 'leaving the agency' joke about him,” another wrote.

"I think it's hilarious that she jokingly insulted Hamish when Hamish's whole thing is that he's this nice lovable dude, lol," a Twitter user added.

Others congratulated the star on her career in the industry, with her hard work all adding up to this moment.

“I mean, Sonia Kruger is a goddess. Look at her! Amazing. Congrats,” one person wrote.

“WELL DESERVED love Sonia soooooo much, such an amazing and kind woman,” another person said.

Sonia Kruger at the 2023 Logies
Sonia wore a multicoloured chainmail one-shoulder gown by Rentero to accept her award. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle last week, the now Gold Logie winner opened up about what winning the award really means to her.

"It means a lot because for people to take the time to actually cast a vote means that they feel fairly passionate about the shows that we're making and that we're putting out for them. And at the end of the day, we are here for the audience. We want to make things that entertain the audience, whether it's Dancing with the Stars, which has just been on and just been super successful this year, Big Brother, which people become really quite fanatical about watching, and The Voice, which is coming up," she said.

"It's the jewel, I think, in Australia's entertainment crown. It's on par with every other version of The Voice that I've seen internationally. And yet, The Voice hasn't won a Logie yet here. So I would say, in fact, put The Voice ahead of me. Make sure you vote for The Voice because it really deserves to win in its category."

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