Sonia Kruger on what it would mean to win the Gold Logie

Sonia Kruger on what it would mean to win the Gold Logie

Video transcript

SONIA KRUGER: I'm really excited actually, I think, this year more than ever before because the Logies are in Sydney. The Logies are on 7. And to be nominated on top of all of that is just kind of cream on the cake.

I was really in shock. I thought the first time around was an anomaly, you know, that it might happen once and that would kind of be the end of that. So yeah, to be nominated again was lovely and to also be nominated in the Bert Newton category is great because I was a massive fan of Bert's. And I had a bit of a personal connection with him.

And "The Voice" is nominated too. So I feel like there are three possible awards that we could pick up. And fingers crossed, we'll get one of them.

It means a lot because for people to take the time to actually cast a vote means that they feel fairly passionate about the shows that we're making and that we're putting out for them. And at the end of the day, we are here for the audience. We want to make things that entertain the audience, whether it's "Dancing with the Stars", which has just been on and just been super successful this year, "Big Brother", which people become really quite fanatical about watching, and "The Voice", which is coming up.

It's the jewel, I think, in Australia's entertainment crown. It's on par with every other version of "The Voice" that I've seen internationally. And yet, "The Voice" hasn't won a Logie yet here. So I would say, in fact, put "The Voice" ahead of me. Make sure you vote for "The Voice" because it really deserves to win in its category.