Sonia Kruger's Gold Logie winner's speech divides: 'Sledging Hamish?'

Channel Seven star Sonia Kruger has taken home the ultimate prize in the Australian entertainment industry - the Gold Logie.

Sonia Kruger has taken home the prestigious Gold Logie, beating out six of her industry peers to claim the top prize.

The 57-year-old The Voice host looked stunning as she took to the stage to accept her award, wearing a multicoloured chainmail one-shoulder gown by Rentero.

Sonia Kruger holding her Gold Logie on stage
Sophie Kruger stunned as she accepted her award for the Gold Logie. Photo: Getty Images

In her speech, Sonia - who pipped Hamish Blake, Julia Morris, Leigh Sales, Mark Coles Smith, Osher Günsberg and Shaun Micallef to the post - thanked her fans, her family and everyone who's supported her throughout her career.

“Oh, thank you so much. I cannot believe that. I have to compose myself, I am not used to being on TV Week. It is really... This is so weird. To have you present it Darryl, I have been so lucky I have worked with some absolute legends in the business and some great people,” Sonia started her speech.


“I've joked with Hamish, Hamish and I have the same agent, Mark Clements, he's here tonight, and I said, Mark, ‘who did you vote for?’, putting him on the spot and he's like, ‘Well, Sonia, I think people are a little over Hamish’. I went ‘No Mark, surely not, he's the odds on favourite to win’. And he went, ‘No, frankly I am secretly hoping he will leave the agency so I can concentrate all of my efforts on you Sonia’,” she continued.

While Sonia was obviously joking, she did have to backtrack slightly when Hamish Blake looked a little bit put out by the joke.

“Obviously Mark did not say that, I'm paraphrasing” she clarified.

Sonia Kruger at the 2023 Logies
Sonia wore a multicoloured chainmail one-shoulder gown by Rentero to accept her award. Photo: Getty Images

Sonia went on to finish her speech, thanking everyone she’s worked with over her long and successful career.

“I want to thank all the people who work on Dancing With The Stars, all the people who work on The Voice, all the people who work on Big Brother. I want to thank God, aka James Warburton, who, he is a genius. My family, their names escape me. They know who they are. That is good. No, I am joking my mum, Deb, happy birthday for tomorrow. My brother, of course Craig and my daughter Maggie and if my dad was here he would just be so proud and this is really for him.

“Also the other thing I want to say, I'm so sorry, just quickly, backstage Chris and I were walking around and there is a mural and it says hosting is not about what you do, it is about how you make other people feel. And I thought, that is so true. And tonight you guys, all your support, you have made me feel so good. Thank you Sam Mac for coming up with the campaign slogan too. He owns the intellectual property rights now apparently so all the merchandise will go to Sam Mac. But thank you so much. I don't know what else to say. So many people to thank and so little time. I will be sending out apology letters to everybody that I haven't thanked tonight. Go and party, have a good time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake at the 2023 Logies
Some people online were confused by her Hamish Blake joke. Photo: Channel 7

While many people applauded Sonia’s speech, others were a little divided over the comment she made about Hamish.

“Sonya, when you have to say 'I’m joking' more than once … clearly you’re not telling jokes,” one person said.

“Sledging Hamish during her speech? Interesting,” another person said.

“Someone needs to make a gif of Hamish's face when Sonia made the 'leaving the agency' joke about him,” another wrote.

"I think it's hilarious that she jokingly insulted Hamish when Hamish's whole thing is that he's this nice lovable dude, lol," a Twitter user added.

Others congratulated the star on her career in the industry, with her hard work all adding up to this moment.

“I mean, Sonya Kruger is a goddess. Look at her! Amazing. Congrats,” one person wrote.

“WELL DESERVED love Sonia soooooo much, such an amazing and kind woman,” another person said.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle last week, the now Gold Logie winner opened up about what winning the award really means to her.

"It means a lot because for people to take the time to actually cast a vote means that they feel fairly passionate about the shows that we're making and that we're putting out for them. And at the end of the day, we are here for the audience. We want to make things that entertain the audience, whether it's Dancing with the Stars, which has just been on and just been super successful this year, Big Brother, which people become really quite fanatical about watching, and The Voice, which is coming up," she said.

"It's the jewel, I think, in Australia's entertainment crown. It's on par with every other version of The Voice that I've seen internationally. And yet, The Voice hasn't won a Logie yet here. So I would say, in fact, put The Voice ahead of me. Make sure you vote for The Voice because it really deserves to win in its category."

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