Gogglebox stars reveal shocking messages sent to them online

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Gogglebox Australia’s Tim and Leanne have opened up about the shocking - and often racist - messages they've been sent online.

The siblings have been part of the show for a few years, but the trolling has since seen Leanne decide to quit social media altogether, with Tim sharing a statement on their joint Instagram account.

Gogglebox Australia’s Tim and Leanne Photo: Channel 10
Gogglebox Australia’s Tim and Leanne Photo: Channel 10

"Words are weapons. We just received this message," Tim wrote, sharing a screenshot of one particular comment left on their social media account.

"This is the reason I now fully manage our IG and FB. This is why Leanne has quit social media.

"How much hurt and trauma must someone have gone through for them to lash out at someone because of the colour of their skin, because of who they love, because of wanting to live their authentic self."

He added the hashtags #StopAsianHate #Racism #EducateYourself #Discrimination #StopTheHate.

Racist comment posted by Gogglebox star
One of the messages of hate Tim shared with his followers. Photo: Instagram

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tim says he shared the messages to give some insight into the difficulties they experience.

"I know people are scared, people are hurting...people need better ways to approach their trauma. Lashing out isn't the way," Tim tells us.

"I posted that story not to create any waves, but rather to show insight into some of the difficulties we experience. I have pretty tough skin and sadly am used to it as I've experienced it my whole life.

"I allowed the normalisation of racism. I don't agree with 'an eye for an eye' but I am also going to call discrimination and hatred out. I will keep promoting tolerance and togetherness so that the next generation won't have to."

googlebox leanne and tim
Leanne decided to quit social media because if the trolling. Photo: Instagram/leanneandtim

Tim also says he has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support the siblings have received since his statement.

"I am not embarrassed to admit that some of the messages and DMs we received made me tear up," he adds.

"I knew we had amazing followers and truly beautiful fans of the show. However, what surprised me more were messages from non-Gogglebox watchers who reached out to comfort us."

It comes after Neighbours star Shareena Clanton took to her Instagram claiming she endured "multiple racist traumas" during her time on the iconic soap.

Shareena, who is of Wangatha, Yamatji, Noongar and Gidja descent, shared a lengthy post about her time on the "highly problematic" show, saying she'd sought counselling after finishing up.

"It’s been lonely, triggering and traumatising to work in such a culturally unsafe space," she wrote.

"Overt and covert levels of racism were rife, often disguised as 'jokes' like a white actress openly calling another actress of colour a 'lil’ monkey'.

Earlier this year Tim left Gogglebox fans gobsmacked after the fresh-faced TV personalityrevealed he was much older than many assumed.

The baby-faced Tim is not, as many assumed, a man in his twenties – he is actually turning 43 this year.

The news was not a deliberate secret but had fans absolutely bamboozled nonetheless when his age was casually mentioned in a news article.

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